EMO Hannover 2019, 16. bis 21. September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16. bis 21. September
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    Kreissägemaschine - S-LT Series

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    * The most cost-effective orbital cutting machine!
    - Maximizing the user convenience
    - Equipped with a BLDC motor
    - Clamping O.D 6mm - 220mm at once
    - Capacity: 1/4'' - 8'' (Pipe O.D 6? - 220?)
    - Pipe wall thickness Maximum 8.2mm

    * Why you should choose S-LT Series?
    ? Maximizing the user convenience
    - Easy to replace cutting blades
    - Effective and convenient when processing short pipes
    - Possible to cut elbows
    - Mounted with a basic stopper for cutting and beveling
    - Maximizing the convenience of repetitive work
    ? Optimally designed for the processing of thin pipes
    - Pipe deformation is minimized.
    - Minimum distances are secured between cutting & beveling blade and vise (fixed jaw).
    ? Possible to finely tune processing depths
    - Improving the quality in cutting and beveling
    - A single touch adjustment device
    ? Clamping of O.D 6mm - 220mm at once
    - No need for an auxiliary vise (vise jaw)
    - Shortening the working hours
    ? Equipped with a BLDC motor
    - Providing stable torques of all the ranges and ensuring high reliability.
    - Adjusting speed according to work types with a 6-stage control.
    - With a built-in overload protection circuit.
    ? Applying oil less bearing to the main shaft
    - The durability of the equipment is improved.
    - The clearance of the equipment is minimized.


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