EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Exhibitor details
    Logo Tool holding fixture - EWS.Adjust
    Logo Tool holding fixture - EWS.Adjust

    Product description

    „Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand, and I will move the Earth…

    (Archimedes' Law of Levers, 250 BCE)“

    It is not quite so spectacular, but nevertheless closely related. „Give me a point on the turret disc that I can rely on, and aligning radial tools on the tool changer is a thing of the past.“

    These were the fundamental requirements on EWS engineers… and they came up with the EWS-Adjust.

    The trick is to position the line of symmetry for the insertion hole in the turret congruent with that of the alignment pin. Time-consuming angle of rotation calibration is no longer required if this is guaranteed and implemented on all tool stations.

    This is precisely what EWS has achieved with its Adjust system. Incidentally, this solution can be retrofitted to many tool turrets at any time.

    Mode of function in detail:

    Aligning using 2 screws on a pin in the turret is a widely used method. However, this time-consuming calibration, especially when it comes to machines with 2 turrets (up to 28 tool stations) degrades the high fast motion speeds, rendering them insignificant. The gains in travel speeds are eliminated by the enormously long setup times.

    Irrespective of how the alignment on the pin is designed, it always takes time to achieve the setting, because the DIN pins that are generally used are never located exactly in position in the turret bore. If you consider that a PIN–position is 10μm offset in the Y-axis at a distance of 56 mm (in relation to the VDI bore), this amounts to as much as 0.03 mm on a normal drilling rod holder with an extension length of 100 mm. This consideration does not take account of the installation inaccuracies in the machine-tool.

    EWS has tackled this problem with its new EWS-Adjust system. The goal was to eradicate the problem.

    There is only one way of doing this; the pin on the turret must be aligned, and this must be done on the machine, preferably in the machining position. For this purpose, EWS has developed an eccentric pin that is fitted into the same bore when the standard– pin is removed.

    Together with an EWS setting pin, the pin can be aligned precisely with the machining position. The lower part of the eccentric is an expanding pin which is acted on by a threaded pin, thus securing the angle of rotation position.

    This task must be done once for all turret stations. The tool that is used on the turret can be set using an external fixture. This is also only necessary once, providing there are no collisions.

    The EWS-Adjust bar is provided with a fixed part with a counter screw opposite to eliminate the last play between the bar and pin. The system can be retrofitted to almost all tools supplied by EWS.

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    Hall 4, Stand F94

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