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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Metalworking Fluid - HYCUT

    Logo Metalworking Fluid - HYCUT
    Logo Metalworking Fluid - HYCUT

    Product description

    For use in your application, we have developed and established the multi-functional products of the HYCUT series. The core of the HYCUT system are oils on an ester basis, which can be used as a machining oil, cooling lubricant or cleaner and are compatible with each other. For example, they can eliminate intermediate washing.

    All neat cutting and grinding oils of the HYCUT product series are based on synthetic ester oils. They offer an extremely high lubricating performance and thus, can considerably reduce tool wear. Due to the use of synthetic, saturated ester oils the products show a high aging stability. This ensures a long service life. The high washing performance of the synthetic oils also provides for clean machines and parts. The exceedingly good swarf removal of HYCUT particularly improves the efficiency of grinding operations.

    At a glance:
    - No labelling required, even at low viscosities
    - Easy washing with aqueous media and ideally, complete elimination of washing
    - Low-odour and low evaporation loss, giving improved working conditions
    - Increased working safety due to higher flash points compared to mineral oil products
    - Proven process reliability with approvals by well-known machine manufacturers

    The special feature of HYCUT as an emulsion is the possibility to control oil and additives separately. This offers a perfect adaptation to different processes, material and lubricating performance requirements. During the complete service life of the emulsion, the single components can be added in specific doses. Customers such as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen rely on the HYCUT system, which fulfils the particular demands regarding efficiency and process reliability. Due to the broad range of application and flexibility of HYCUT, entire production areas can be supplied with only one cooling lubricant system.

    The really clever bit: Parts first machined with a HYCUT oil can be followed up without intermediate washing using a HYCUT emulsion. Oil contam-ination, for example from the slideway, improves the lubrication performance instead of deteriorating the emulsion. If intermediate washing is required, the HYCUT cleaner is simply recycled into the emulsion. This is how efficiently you could be working in the future using HYCUT.

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