EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    The AT820E CNC is a versatile multi-functional machine. It is composed by the advanced notch milling machine, the sophisticated ROLLWORK software package, the IMD marking device, the AMCD automatic measuring and centring device, the exclusive CBSq corner breaking system to smooth the edge of the ribs.
    Some advantages of the package we propose are the following:
    Flexibility: The machine can perform automatically all the international standards and whatever is required in terms of notch skipping and notch enlarging.
    Accuracy: Absolute accuracy for the notch dimensions (rib depth, thickness and angle), and tool positioning thanks to the automatic centering and automatic rib depth measurement. The special unique direct motor-tool transmission with no belts grant backlash free performance for a safe usage of diamond tools for Tungsten Carbide rings and composite rolls.
    Easy reconditioning: In the roll reconditioning operations, the tool can be easily and accurately centered on the worn rib thanks to the Automatic Centering Probe and clear visibility of the rib in the channel. Therefore, old ribs don?t need to be ground out completely. Each roll redress can be achieved with small layer removal and the overall life of rolls is increased.
    Operator time reduction: Machine can perform automatically all the operations like skipping and enlarging ribs, as well as the change of channel. That means a fantastic reduction in the operator time.
    Working time reduction: Thanks to the innovative Atomat?s AL-CUT® SYSTEM, the tool feed speed is optimized to maximize working of the tool in small area of the notch (at the beginning) and to reduce it in the final step to achieve an excellent surface quality.
    Notching and Marking in the same machine. The exclusive ATOMAT?s IMD® marking device allows automatic roll marking, after the notching operation, in one single cycle. This is done without having to relocate the rolls to the EDM marking machine, for an easy and safe marking operation, even in TC rolls.
    RE-SY®: The new RE-SY (Resuming System) can grant the continuity of your job in every circumstance. In case of power loss, blackouts or machine resetting, the programmed cycle can re-start exactly from the point where it was interrupted simply with a click.
    CBSq (Corner Breaking System) is the ATOMAT?s exclusive system for chamfering the rib edges and increase bending resistance of your rebar.
    Easy to use: Thanks to ROLLWORK® interface, everything is driven by the software to assure correct data inputting and machine programming.
    Today ATOMAT AT820E CNC is the most popular notching machine. The first model of the new generation of AT820E CNC machines came into operation in 1997. Since that time approx. 160 similar machines were sold all around the world.

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