EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Cecimo Events Additive Manufacturing and Robotics

    Cecimo Events Additive Manufacturing and Robotics

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    At EMO 2019 you were able to participate in exciting lectures and inspiring events. For example: International Conference on Additive Manufacturing. more


    International Conference on Additive Manufacturing- Tuesday, 17 September

    Productivity has indeed become one of the trendiest topics in the AM industry. Now that the technology has moved beyond prototyping and found its first serial production applications, businesses are analyzing aspects such as efficiency, repeatability and speed. Any advancement on any of these will undoubtedly unlock a myriad of opportunities. The race to push the industrial boundaries of the technology has truly begun. Industry key leaders will show during the conference their latest solutions in the additive manufacturing (AM) market, and they will share their views on where industrial AM stands today during the panel debate.

    You can register to the event at: https://www.cecimo.eu/events/international-conference-additive-manufacturing/


    TRINITY conference on robotics for agile and competitive manufacturing, Thursday 19 September- 9:15-12:30

    How new robotic technologies can improve the agility and productivity of manufacturing companies? How can TRINITY project financially support companies, especially SMEs? How can you deal with cybersecurity and manage incidents in your company? These and many more questions will be tackled by high-level speakers at the Trinity Conference. The conference will provide some specific examples on how new robotic technologies can be used to improve the agility in manufacturing companies and introduce the TRINITY project and its open calls, which are expected to be launched in November this year. An interactive session on cybersecurity in manufacturing with experts in this area will also be organised at the end of the event.

    You can register through the following link: https://www.cecimo.eu/trinity-conference-on-robotics/