EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    EMO Hannover Trendspots - No. 3

    Staying a step ahead of the future.
    TDM Systems GmbH is at EMO Hannover 2017 to unveil its completely new Tool Lifecycle Management concept for digital manufacturing.

    08 Sep. 2017

    Staying a step ahead of the future
    TDM Systems GmbH is at EMO Hannover 2017 to unveil its completely new Tool Lifecycle Management concept for digital manufacturing.

    When TDM Systems exhibited the world's first digital module for tool data management at EMO 1989 in Hannover, the company was already a whole generation ahead of its time. This groundbreaking development helped to revolutionize machining production. But more than that, the company had also foreseen the needs of the fourth industrial revolution. What's more, they’d done so at a time when today’s global players, such as Google, Amazon and eBay, were still just bold visions in their founders' minds. At the start of the year, the tool data specialist took another giant leap forward when it unveiled “TDM next generation”. This totally modernized software is now being completely reorganized again for EMO Hannover 2017 as Tool Lifecycle Management (TLM).

    "Our claim is that we help machining companies safely navigate digital production," says Peter Schneck, Managing Director of TDM Systems. "To do that, it is essential to have a continuous flow of data. That is the only way to ensure all the necessary data, the right tool and the optimum process come together at the right time." To this end, TDM Systems is not just continuing to develop Tool Lifecycle Management, it is completely reinventing it, from the ground up. "Our new solution is based on a 'single source of truth' methodology that guarantees transparency from the planning of a product through to its delivery." TDM Systems is only too happy to explain exactly what that means to the international visitors flocking to EMO Hannover 2017.

    TDM Systems GmbH (72072 Tübingen, Germany), Hall 5, Stand B18
    Contact: Judith Klingler
    Tel.: +49 7071 9387213
    E-Mail: j.klingler@tdmsystems.com

    On the wire!
    GEFERTEC is celebrating the premiere of GTarc at EMO Hannover 2017, its innovative 3D printer based on the similarly new 3DMP metal printing process.

    Already widely used in the plastics industry, 3D printers that use metal are now becoming an increasingly attractive prospect for industrial applications. Thanks to a steadily growing range of suitable metals and alloys, this type of 3D printing supports the quick and cost-effective production of components with complex geometries that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to produce using conventional methods. GEFERTEC is unveiling GTarc at EMO Hannover 2017, a 3D printer that uses the new 3DMP (3D Metal Print) process.

    According to the manufacturer, the innovative 3DMP process is a low-cost, fast means of producing metal blanks that require very little finishing work and exhibit similar quality standards to workpieces manufactured using conventional techniques. Unlike other processes, 3DMP is based on arc welding, with the printing material taking the form of wire instead of the powder normally used. This new method combines a whole host of benefits. For example, companies can avoid all the difficulties associated with handling powders. What's more, the wires used in the process are already available in a wide range of variants, are cheaper than powder and, with a build-up rate of 600 cubic centimeters per hour, are more efficient than powder, too.

    GEFERTEC GmbH (12681 Berlin, Germany), Hall 27, Stand A70
    Contact: Kevin Hahn
    Tel.: +49 30 912074669
    E-Mail: kevin.hahn@scansonic.de

    Swell new evidence that swelling isn’t an issue
    durcrete GmbH, a leading light for the use of UHPC in mechanical engineering joined forces with Dyckerhoff GmbH, Sudholt-Wasemann GmbH and MDC Max Daetwyler AG to investigate just how resistant UHPC is to cooling lubricants that contain water. The results are on show at EMO Hannover 2017.

    "Get that water on! UHPC in mechanical engineering is now resistant to cooling lubricants containing water!". That is the striking statement that durcrete GmbH has released ahead of EMO Hannover 2017 to drum up attention. Modern Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) has become a favorite material in mechanical engineering. Indeed, cement-bound UHCP can dampen vibrations considerably and exhibits excellent thermal inertia. Numerous applications have already demonstrated the material's suitability for use in machine beds, not to mention its very attractive price-performance ratio. However, because it is well-known that concrete tends to swell when exposed to moisture, many manufacturers of milling and grinding machines are still reluctant to mount linear guide rails directly onto ground but unprotected concrete surfaces. durcrete GmbH set out to change attitudes by joining forces with other companies to carry out a series of tests. The results showed that exposing precision-ground concrete surfaces to water does not affect the precision of machine tools.

    Four companies combined their expertise to scrutinize the issue of swelling and its consequences once and for all - durcrete GmbH, the market and technology leader for UHPC in mechanical engineering, Dyckerhoff GmbH, the supplier of high-performance binding agent Dyckerhoff Nanodur, machine frame manufacturer Sudholt-Wasemann GmbH and Swiss company MDC Max Daetwyler AG, which runs a precision grinding facility. The partners developed and manufactured a suitable test piece fitted with guide rails mounted on precision-ground guide tracks. Deformation in the surface of the concrete and on the linear guide rails was measured under both dry and wet conditions, and the results were surprising. The evenness of the linear guides, whether measured over individual rails or several rails, is not affected in any way by exposure to water, only minimal absolute height changes occur. However, the surface of the concrete does show a clear response when exposed to water, exhibiting deformation and variations in evenness. durcrete GmbH explains the results as follows: On the one hand, the preload between the linear guide and the concrete stops water penetrating into the gap between the two. On the other hand, this preload counteracts pressure caused by swelling and stops the linear guide from being pushed up. What’s more, the preload and the rigidity of the rails are so high that any differential areas of swelling in the surface of the concrete have no impact on the evenness as measured over the surface of the rails. As a result of the collaborative testing, durcrete GmbH was able to draw the conclusion that exposure to water, due to the use of cooling lubricants for example, has no tangible influence on the precision of machinery mounted on frames made from NANODUR concrete.

    durcrete GmbH (65549 Limburg / Lahn, Germany), Hall 7, Stand B63
    Contact: Bernhard Sagmeister
    Tel.: +49 6431 58 40 376
    E-Mail: Sagmeister@durcrete.de

    A breath of fresh air from the far east!
    HWACHEON, founded in 1952 in South Korea, is making a big impression at EMO Hannover 2017. One of the absolute highlights among its impressive exhibits, which include both old favorites and new innovations, is the compact CUTEX-180A YMC turning center.

    HWACHEON Machine Tools, which is based in Gwangju and claims to be South Korea’s oldest top-quality manufacturing firm, is using EMO HANNOVER 2017 to make a statement. The company already has a reputation for producing exceptionally durable machinery, but its Bochum-based European headquarters is still going all-out at the fair. On show is a total of 12 machine tools, including five new products. The Hi-TECH 230 horizontal turning center with box ways, the C1 horizontal turning center, the innovative 5-axis machining centers of the M series, the two vertical turning centers for high machining output, and the new CUTEX-180A YMC compact turning center are sure to prove popular with visitors.

    One particularly special feature of the new CUTEX-180A YMC compact turning center is its optimized productivity. The programmable tail stock alone is said to reduce clamping times for workpieces by more than 70 percent. What’s more, the machine can be fitted with a sub spindle that allows users to machine the front and rear of a workpiece in one operation. The 12-compartment turret with 24 indexable tool stations saves on frequent changeovers and means that complex workpieces can be machined without having to stop to swap out tools. The Y-axis model has the largest travel distance in its class at ±55 millimeters, which brings additional benefits for machining performance and productivity. A highly stable machine bed from the in-house foundry, dynamic linear guides on all axes and generously dimensioned spindle bearings combine to ensure cost-effective, high-quality results.

    HWACHEON Machine Tools Co., Ltd (506-733 Gwangju, Republic of Korea), Hall 27, Stand A55
    Contact: Christoph Smets
    Tel.: +49 2349 12816-0
    E-Mail: info@hwacheon-europe.com

    Everyone's a winner with this process
    Henkel is at EMO HANNOVER 2017 to showcase the superior cost-efficiency and sustainability of its innovative Bonderite duaLCys process compared to conventional cooling lubrication and cleaning processes. To back up its claims, it is presenting a precision tool machining project it is running with Mapal.

    As part of Henkel’s comprehensive portfolio of process solutions for the metalworking industry, innovative duaLCys technology aims to deliver significant improvements in all competitive criteria, including time, fluid and energy consumption, product quality, and process safety. To achieve these goals, the new technology leverages the synergies between the process fluids by recycling the cleaner into the cooling lubricant bath rather than discarding it as waste.

    According to information from Henkel, Bonderite duaLCys has reduced cooling lubricant consumption by 60 percent across all systems and customer installations in the past 18 months. The process has been widely adopted for almost all metals throughout the automotive industry and is fast breaking into other market segments. At EMO HANNOVER 2017, Henkel is exhibiting its successful partnership with MAPAL Fabrik für Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG, which is using the system to machine special tools for a manufacturer of large mining drill bits. By using Bonderite duaLCys, MAPAL has been able to speed up the process and eliminate the use of solvents, which were previously needed to fully remove the cooling lubricant from the machined surfaces.

    As it looks to continuously optimize the efficiency and sustainability of the system, Henkel has also partnered with Hamburg-based LDT Dosiertechnik. In Hannover, it is unveiling a highly promising combination of the duaLCys process and LDT Dosatron proportional pumps for dosing cooling lubricant. Martin Desinger, Business Development Manager at Henkel Adhesive Technologies for Lubricants: "Working closely with LDT Dosatron, we succeeded in developing a tailor-made ‘plug and play’ system available in customized configurations for integration into new or existing Bonderite duaLCys process lines."

    Henkel AG & Co. KGaA (40589 Düsseldorf, Germany), Hall 6, Stand K01
    Contact: Kevin Noels
    Tel.: +31 164 317 011
    E-Mail: knoels@emg-pr.com

    Not just clean, but efficient, too!
    Family-run business MAFAC is one of the global market and technology leaders in the field of aqueous parts cleaning, and it is exhibiting at EMO Hannover 2017 to show just how much more energy can still be saved using modern technology.

    The value chain in production is constantly being optimized, and industrial parts cleaning has long since been a vital link in that chain. To a large extent, that is down to family-run company MAFAC, one of the global market and technology leaders in the field of aqueous parts cleaning. The company's portfolio currently includes a wide range of compact machinery that can meet a diverse range of cleaning requirements. However, since optimization processes rarely result in absolute perfection, not even MAFAC can afford to be content with what it has already achieved. At EMO Hannover 2017, the company is setting out to show just how much potential there still is to save even more energy in parts cleaning operations.

    MAFAC is exhibiting its Java spray-flood cleaning machine and Elba spray cleaning machine in Hannover to demonstrate how much energy its own range can save. Key features include the patented process of kinematic cleaning and drying, thermal machine shielding, sound insulation and the Heat X heat exchange module, which is used to heat cleaning baths. It is claimed that these measures alone deliver up to 83 percent in savings overall. What's more, the company is not just presenting its own calculations as evidence - studies have also been carried out as part of the ETA Factory research project with university TU Darmstadt.

    MAFAC - E. Schwarz GmbH & Co.KG (72275 Alpirsbach, Germany), Hall 11, Stand E25
    Contact: Bettina Kern
    Tel.: +49 7444 9509-0
    E-Mail: bettina.kern@mafac.de

    Have you really got it all covered?
    HEMA Maschinen- und Apparateschutz GmbH is at EMO Hannover 2017 to exhibit the innovative X-Velo canopy cover for effective protection against soiling in the production environment.

    Most modern machine tools are designed to ensure they won’t pollute their immediate surroundings with any contaminants that they emit. However, there is one area in particular that is usually overlooked. There is little or nothing to stop cooling lubricants and oil vapors, chips and dust from escaping upward and thereby contaminating the production environment. To stop that happening, companies can install covers over the top of machinery, but these are usually only available in set unit sizes that rarely provide a perfect fit. What's more, they are normally made of dark, opaque materials. However, there's now a solution for this problem - translucent canopy cover X-Velo, the ideal cover system for machine tools, which HEMA Maschinen- und Apparateschutz GmbH is exhibiting at EMO Hannover 2017.

    The X-Velo canopy cover is made from a translucent material, which ensures machine areas are protected and well-lit, despite being covered over. Available in widths up to six meters and in variable lengths, the X-Velo canopy cover can easily be fitted to new and existing machinery thanks to the aluminum profile guide strips included with the cover. Special fixings also prevent jamming during operation and therefore enable travel speeds of up to 75 meters per minute. That’s not all though - customers can also choose between a motor-driven variant and a version without motor.

    HEMA Maschinen- und Apparateschutz GmbH (63500 Seligenstadt, Germany), Hall 7, Stand B22
    Contact: Isabell Nemitz
    Tel.: +49 4181 92892-14
    E-Mail: in@koehler-partner.de

    Eight world premieres on the 'Path of Digitization'
    As a leading specialist partner for metal cutting production technology and digitization, DMG MORI is hosting a soccer field-sized trade fair stand at EMO Hannover 2017. Visitors from around the world have the opportunity to explore eight world premieres on the company's 'Path of Digitization'.

    Digitization, automation, additive manufacturing and technology excellence - these are the topics DMG MORI is focusing on in Hannover, as it showcases the future of production technology. Besides innovative machines, the company is also exhibiting holistic system solutions for the digital factory. Among the eight world premieres DMG MORI is unveiling in Hannover are the CTX 2500|700 as the prelude to the fifth generation of this successful series and the NTX 2500 as another new turn-mill center. The CLX 550 is extending the range of European universal turning centers, while the third generation CTV 250 is rounding off the program in vertical turning. A new concept for the multi-spindle automatic turning center is also being presented in the form of the MULTISPRINT 25 and MULTISPRINT 36. Moreover, DMG MORI has expanded its milling portfolio, with the DMU 200 Gantry and DMU 340 Gantry and the second generation of the NHX 6300 horizontal machining center being on show in Hannover.

    In recognition of the growing pace of the digital revolution in the world of machine tools, DMG MORI is exhibiting CELOS and the 'Path of Digitization'. The company is pursuing a consistent strategy in this area - starting with the CELOS machine, continuing through CELOS manufacturing and extending all the way to the digital factory. The new CELOS versions and products are designed to support the continuity that is needed in production. The latest version of CELOS features new apps such as CELOS CONDITION ANALYZER and CELOS PERFORMANCE MONITOR that lay the foundations for optimized workflows and processes in the immediate machine environment. At EMO Hannover 2017, a greater emphasis is being placed on solutions for digital workflows at shop-floor level. "We are presenting an extensive portfolio of data-based digitization modules within the framework of the 'Path of Digitization' - for production planning and tool management, among other applications," announces Dr. Holger Rudzio, Managing Director of DMG MORI Software Solutions GmbH. "These either complement or build upon each other. With these connective solutions for the CELOS digital factory we enable gradual, and above all, practical entry into the future of digitized industry for SMEs in particular."

    DMG MORI AG (33689 Bielefeld, Germany), Hall 2, Stand A21
    Contact: Stine Meyer
    Tel.: +49 89 248835960
    E-Mail: stine.meyer@dmgmori.com

    Innovations that really are a cut above
    Saw technology specialist MEBA is at EMO Hannover 2017 to celebrate the premiere of the completely new clad 90-degree automatic MEBApro 300 A and exhibit more smart innovations in the world of metal band sawing machines.

    Family-run company MEBA has specialized exclusively in the development of metal band sawing machines since 1958, and its exhibits at EMO Hannover 2017 focus in particular on its forward-looking MEBAconnect offerings. MEBAconnect encompasses all MEBA’s activities in relation to digitization and intelligent, networked sawing concepts for the fourth industrial revolution. However, there is no shortage of progress when it comes to classic saw technology either, with the company’s trade fair highlights including the premiere of the brand new clad 90-degree automatic MEBApro 300 A.

    It is no accident that the new machine has been launched as part of the MEBApro family, which stands for high-tech machinery that fits into the smallest of spaces. Indeed, the impressive MEBApro 300 A is another sterling example of the company’s expertise in the field of straight-cutting bandsaws. Designed with cutting capacities of up to 300 millimeters at 90 degrees circular and 300 by 300 millimeters at 90 degrees flat, the compact MEBApro 300 A covers a wide range of applications. Equipped with a completely new, external dual gantry design, the newly designed machine is also extremely ergonomic. The cladding, a safety tunnel and spray guards provide cutting-edge safety measures, while generously dimensioned inspection openings give service and maintenance staff easy access to internal workings. The new MEBApro 300 A band sawing machine thus combines a whole range of technical innovations that together deliver top-quality sawing performance, increase service life and ensure precision and ease of operation even when under heavy use.

    MEBA Metall-Bandsägemaschinen GmbH (72589 Westerheim, Germany), Hall 15, Stand D19
    Contact: Nicole Moser
    Tel.: +49 7333 9644-15
    E-Mail: moser@meba-saw.de

    New balls please!
    NSK Deutschland GmbH is exhibiting a new range of DIN-standard ball screws for high-speed applications in machine tools at EMO Hannover 2017, including the premiere of a new series of ball screws to DIN 69051.

    Ball screws are special screw drives with balls inserted between the screw and nut. This design converts rotary motion into longitudinal motion, or vice-versa. Compared to conventional screw drives, on which parts move directly against each other - thus converting some 50 to 90 percent of input energy into heat - ball screws generate less friction and exhibit lower stick-slip behavior, which results in better positioning accuracy. The resultant benefits, such as lower wear and a longer service life, generally make up for the slightly higher production costs. Bang on time for EMO Hannover 2017, roller and ball bearing manufacturer NSK is launching a brand new range of DIN-standard ball screws (DIN 69051).

    However, the new ball screws have not been developed solely for the specific requirements of machine tools. In fact, their dn value of 160,000 makes them ideal for high-speed machining, too. The initial range in this series covers shaft diameters of 32 to 63 millimeters and leads from 10 to 30 millimeters. Besides this global premiere, NSK is also unveiling the new S-HTF series of ball screws that feature double the service life and 1.3 times greater dynamic load capacity.

    NSK Deutschland GmbH (40880 Ratingen, Germany), Hall 7, Stand D12
    Contact: Rita Barz
    Tel.: +49 2102 481-0
    E-Mail: press-eu@nsk.cominfo-de@nsk.com

    If only everything in life were so smooth…
    Whether it's deburring, rounding, polishing or brushing, Swiss company René Gerber AG is used to getting top marks from the industry for the micropreparation of cutting edges. At EMO Hannover 2017, the company is now unveiling its new high-performance BS Power transfer brush deburring system.

    The machine range from René Gerber AG includes machinery for precision deburring, edge rounding and polishing. The company is one of the world's leading specialists in the micropreparation of cutting edges for cutting and stamping tools. It has now plowed its years of experience and comprehensive know-how in brush deburring and polishing into the new, high-performance BS Power transfer brush deburring system, which is being showcased to visitors from all over the world at EMO Hannover 2017.

    The high-performance BS Power machine is equipped with up to two planetary brush heads and ensures even and reliable deburring and polishing of workpieces up to a diameter of 400 millimeters or on both sides up to 180 millimeters. Major burrs and the smallest contours are no problem at all. The brushing, polishing and deburring machines are generally used when flat workpieces with through-holes or pockets require high-precision deburring and defined edge honing in a narrow tolerance range. Surface roughness is also improved in this process, sometimes considerably. This technology can be used for a whole host of precision components where completely burrless and damage-free surfaces are vital, for example in metalworking for manufacturers of stamping, precision cutting, turning, milling and gear parts. The planetary brush heads developed by René Gerber AG each have three large brush units with a diameter of 260 millimeters, thus covering an application range of 570 millimeters. As the machines are universal, they can be used not only for deburring very fine workpieces with a thickness of around 0.5 millimeters but also for slits and boreholes down to a dimension of approximately 0.1 millimeters. Higher profile parts such as rotors, planetary gears and housings can also be reliably deburred using this technology. What's more, the BS Power machine has been designed to provide a quick and effective means of removing major burrs caused by stamping, lasering, milling or turning.

    René Gerber AG Maschinenbau (3250 Lyss, Switzerland), Hall 11, Stand E19
    Contact: Tanja Orsinger
    Tel.: +41 323841487
    E-Mail: tanja.orsinger@gerber-maschinen.ch

    In the fast lane with electric drives
    As well as presenting innovative technologies and a new rotary storage system for universal machines, GROB Werke is also at EMO Hannover 2017 to unveil its expanded "Electromobility" portfolio.

    It's exactly ten years since GROB Werke, based in Mindelheim, Germany, exhibited a G350 with horizontal spindle position at EMO in Hannover. Since then, not only has the 5-axis universal machining center established itself on the market, but it has also made 5-axis technology a key player in mechanical engineering throughout the world. The company is now at EMO Hannover 2017 to present the latest developments in universal machines - market-tested, next-generation machine concepts - live in action.

    GROB is also using its presentation in Hannover to unveil to the international visitors its expansion plans for its electromobility portfolio. By taking over Italian-based DMG meccanica - one of the leading mechanical and plant engineering companies for electric motors - GROB has comprehensively expanded its electromobility know-how. In Hannover, the company will be setting out, among other things, the next steps it will be taking as it seeks to become an expert service provider and point of contact for the automotive industry.

    GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG (87719 Mindelheim, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B04
    Contact: Marion Häring
    Tel.: +49 8261 9960
    E-Mail: marion.haering@grob.de

    Reaching new heights
    Siemens AG is using its approximately 1,200 m2 of display space at EMO Hannover 2017 to show how mechanical engineers and machine operators can harness the benefits of end-to-end digitization with the aid of "Mind Sphere".

    "Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing"- this is the theme adopted by the Digital Factory Division of Siemens AG to attract machine tool users and builders of all sizes to its stand in Hannover. "Digitization is set to revolutionize the entire machine tool industry and drive it forward," says Dr. Wolfgang Heuring, CEO of Business Unit Motion Control, Siemens AG. "The completely new opportunities resulting from linking together the digital and real worlds enable significant productivity boosts and completely new business models. This applies both to mechanical engineers and machine operators, and covers SMEs and the industry's heavyweights alike." The Siemens exhibits in Hannover have been designed to show how everyone can benefit from digitization.

    Siemens's holistic approach enables it to map the actual process chains of mechanical engineers and machine operators in the virtual world, using the digital twin concept. One notable trade fair highlight shows the opportunities already offered by digitization as a result of connecting to the cloud-based, open IoT operating system Mind Sphere. With "Manage My Machines", Siemens is therefore exhibiting its first Mind Sphere application specifically for machine tools. To emphasize the new technology's features, Siemens is using "Manage My Machines" to connect around two hundred machine tools spread over the entire display space to Mind Sphere, thus providing a cloud-based overview of all the key data and operating statuses of the connected machines. This offers visitors to EMO Hannover 2017 the opportunity to see how users can respond more quickly and optimize their production operations thanks to this new technology.

    Siemens AG - Digital Factory Division, Motion Control (91056 Erlangen, Germany), Hall 25, Stand D60
    Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Heuring
    Tel.: +49 9131 98-4071
    E-Mail: wolfgang.heuring@siemens.com

    Cuts costs nicely too!
    "More productivity with the new KASTOwin pro AC 5.6" - This is the message KASTO GmbH & Co. KG is bringing to EMO Hannover 2017 as it exhibits sawing machines it has developed to support the optimum deployment of bimetallic, bimetallic plus, carbide and carbide plus tool technologies.

    A high removal rate and low idle times are the hallmarks of a cost-effective automatic sawing machine. KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG has now developed KASTOwin pro, a machine designed specifically to make the best use possible of the bimetallic, bimetallic plus, carbide and carbide plus tool technologies available on the market. KASTOwin pro is built to deliver optimum productivity through improved cutting performance and more cost-effective use of carbide blades. The machine's control system ensures that the cutting technology, once it has been tailored to the relevant material qualities and the blade being used (bimetallic or carbide), is automatically allocated and permanently stored. Not only should this reduce tool costs, it should also significantly reduce cutting times and - depending on the blade - enable savings of 50 percent and more.

    KASTO is inviting visitors at EMO Hannover 2017 to see for themselves just how easy it is to operate the machine and how its ingenious material handling technology works. Both these elements are designed to reduce idle time, thereby creating the best conditions for achieving maximum cost-efficiency. What's more, the new KASTOrespond system developed specifically for the KASTOwin and KASTOwin pro series ensures users can select the ideal settings on the machine for solid material, tubes and profiles in all material ranges. The system, which is available for every machine size, continuously records the forces acting on the tool, without requiring any additional and often error-prone sensors. These forces can then be used to implement the optimum digital feed rate. KASTOrespond is designed to rapidly identify thick- and thin-walled material, constantly fluctuating engagement lengths on round material, and even hard areas in solid materials and then convert this data into the correct feed. All the operator has to do is program in the relevant data, such as cut-off lengths, quantities and the material being sawed. KASTOwin and KASTOwin pro take care of everything else.

    KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (77855 Achern, Germany), Hall 15, Stand D58
    Contact: Corinna Bevern
    Tel.: +49 7841 61-295
    E-Mail: Corinna.bevern@kasto.com

    A dazzling display
    The KOMET GROUP’s exhibits at EMO Hannover 2017 are centered firmly on digitization, but also include an explosion of innovations that are being added to its classic portfolio.

    The KOMET GROUP, which is well known for its precision machining tools for solid, rough and fine boring, reaming and threading, is setting course for a digital future at EMO Hannover 2017. Products, projects and digitization - these are to be the mainstays of the group over the next ten years, according to KOMET's Managing Director, Christof Bönsch. "The ToolScope assistance system makes us the first company in the tool industry to take a clear stance in favor of digitization in the world of machining," explains Bönsch. "In a short time, we have also become an important partner for our customers in this field."

    The ToolScope assistance system is the core element of all digital KOMET products and as such will be continuously developed. Originally conceived as a process monitoring system, it has since become a largely open platform on which various different apps can be run. At EMO Hannover 2017, KOMET is celebrating the premiere of the new ToolScope firmware V11, which offers various possibilities, including that of using extended cloud functions. KOMET is also presenting a new software program that can implement ToolScope functions without the need to install any hardware, i.e. it is purely server-based. All the same, the digital revolution is not totally eclipsing KOMET's classic virtues. Indeed, the company is showcasing a dazzling array of innovations for standard solutions, component-based solutions and special tools.

    KOMET GROUP GmbH (74354 Besigheim, Germany), Hall 4, Stand A64
    Contact: Wolfgang Klingauf
    Tel.: +49 821 524693
    E-Mail: wolfgang.klingauf@kometgroup.com

    Only the best ingredients for a successful production line!
    TECNO.team is at EMO Hannover 2017 to showcase its expertise in the configuration of flexible fully automatic production lines and is exhibiting no fewer than 12 machines from its international partners.

    Suppliers or OEMs that want to survive the cut-throat competition in the high-end segments of industry would be well advised to find partners who can help them unlock competitive advantages. TECNO.team GmbH is just such a partner, with an experienced team of grinding and milling experts who specialize in solutions that get right to the heart of the matter and can therefore give companies that all-important edge on the competition. Factors such as precision, cycle times, makeready times, process costs, maintenance friendliness and durability are all hugely important. At EMO Hannover 2017, TECNO.team is showcasing its expertise in the configuration of flexible, fully automatic production lines and exhibiting 12 of its partners' machines at a total of six trade fair stands. Among the exhibits on show at the TECNO.team stand is the Vector Twin Mark III twin-spindle cylindrical grinding machine from UK company Curtis Machine Tools (CMT).

    TheVector Twin Mark III can be run efficiently as both a standalone machine and as part of a fully automated production line, e.g. for the reliable grinding of turbocharger impellers. The compact machine combines the cylindrical grinding unit and robot and drawer system in the smallest possible space. The integrated cutting-edge control system has also been designed to support integration into the latest Industry 4.0 scenarios.

    TECNO.team GmbH (72138 Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany), Hall 11, Stand C55
    Contact: Ben Scherr
    Tel.: +49 7121 6808560
    E-Mail: ben.scherr@tecnoteam.de

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