EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    EMO Hannover TRENDSPOTS - No. 5

    Do you know how your machine is feeling?
    Sensor and automation specialist Balluff is at EMO Hannover 2019 to show visitors everything they need to monitor the inner workings of state-of-the-art machines.

    15 Sep. 2019

    Do you know how your machine is feeling?
    Sensor and automation specialist Balluff is at EMO Hannover 2019 to show visitors everything they need to monitor the inner workings of state-of-the-art machines.

    The automation specialist Balluff is exhibiting at EMO Hannover 2019 to demonstrate, among other things, how intelligent sensors and the data they transmit directly from machines can significantly increase plant productivity - for example, by proactively planning maintenance and servicing. However, the sensors Balluff both develops and uses are now capable of much more.

    For example, process sensors such as the thermal flow controllers operate in direct contact with liquid media to detect the flow and temperature, helping maintain a consistent temperature and keep productivity high. Meanwhile, Balluff pressure sensors provide information directly from the hydraulic system. Not only that, but they collect data for process monitoring and error detection. When used in hydrostatic level measurement, they also identify gradual level changes and can thus automatically trigger logistics and procurement processes.

    In addition to its sensors, Balluff is also showcasing the new Heartbeat power supply units with diagnostic functions. These can notify the user via IO-Link in the event of an overload, adverse ambient conditions or a fault. The aim is to prevent unscheduled stoppages as much as possible. What’s more, the current status of a system can be assessed based on changes in power consumption.

    Last but not least, Balluff has also set out to make it easy for companies to get started with automated tool management. As part of its trade fair showcase, the company is demonstrating to visitors how they can achieve greater transparency, efficiency and quality in metalworking with Tool ID - a tool coding system that uses industrial RFID. The new Easy version of Tool ID offers a cost-effective entry-level solution that can be easily retrofitted at any time and promises to wow users with its simple installation and configuration process.
    Balluff GmbH (73765 Neuhausen, Germany), Hall 9, Stand C01
    Contact: Dr. Detlef Zienert
    Tel.: +49 7158 173-418
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    Swiss precision goes beyond just clocks
    Fehlmann AG is a leading manufacturer of machine tools, offering high precision and productivity from a single source - whether it's for producing individual parts and small series or training staff. The Swiss family-run business is bringing a whole host of innovations to EMO Hannover 2019.

    Fehlmann AG is at Hannover to unveil the VERSA 645 linear, the very first milling center to feature a unique development in coordinate grinding, which stands for state-of-the-art technology, the best surface qualities and dimensional accuracies combined with high precision and productivity. It is also showcasing a five-axis production cell with a two-machine automation solution that combines the two five-axis machining centers VERSA 645 linear and VERSA 825 with a multi-level EROWA Robot Leonardo and the Milling Center Manager (MCM) host computer system.

    According to Fehlmann, this two-level handling system with multi-level magazines for the optimum five-axis machining of challenging workpieces is perfect for producing individual parts and small batch sizes in particular. The company is also unveiling the PICOMAX 75, complete with ERC 80 pallet changer, to demonstrate how complex individual components and series can be manufactured on ultra-compact machinery at exceptional levels of productivity. Among this concept’s advantages are its high spindle speeds and torque, on the one hand, and its fast tool changers, which can be loaded with up to 80 tools, on the other.

    Fehlmann continues to use the PICOMAX 56 TOP for the production of individual parts and small series, and for training purposes. This system is now also available with a chip conveyor since the launch of the L version (800 mm X travel distance, 1400 × 480 mm clamping surface). The Fehlmann TOP (Touch or Program) functions are designed to support both manual operation using a drilling lever and hand wheels and CNC operation with all the advantages of a three-/four-axis CNC machine. Users can switch between manual and CNC operation with the simple push of a button.

    The company is also bringing the PICOMAX 21-M, complete with feed table, to Hannover. This solution is said to be ideal for training staff and producing individual parts and small batches. It supports ultra-rapid and precise positioning for bolt hole circles, dot patterns and rectangular pockets both manually and automatically.
    Fehlmann AG Maschinenfabrik (5703 Seon, Switzerland), Hall 12, Stand C50
    Contact: Roland Sandmeier
    Tel.: +41 62 769 11 11
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    Want to take this solution for a spin? Think again!
    norelem Normelemente KG is using EMO Hannover 2019 to unveil an indexing plunger with a rotation lock. It also features a lead-in chamfer that supports the kind of automatic, directional locking required by systems such as door locking mechanisms.

    Where would we be without standards - especially in times of increasing economic globalization? In the world of technology, there would be no compatibly between parts, with every manufacturer doing its own thing, and progress would likely have come to a standstill shortly after the advent of the steam engine. Luckily, however, there have been times when reasonable people agreed on reasonable regulations, which included standardized dimensions - a fact that companies like norelem Normelemente KG have used to their advantage. By offering a unique selection of standard parts and components, all neatly listed in its company catalog "The Big Green Book", norelem helps design engineers and technicians achieve their machine and plant engineering goals. The company is now expanding its range to include an indexing plunger with a rotation lock - just in time for EMO Hannover 2019.

    What sets this patent-pending, non-rotating indexing plunger apart from the rest of the norelem portfolio is its lead-in chamfer, which is designed to ensure the plunger automatically engages as soon as it is subjected to a lateral force from one side. Once the chamfer has been completely cleared, the indexing pin then locks securely into place through spring force and can only be retracted manually by pulling on the mushroom knob. The integrated rotation lock ensures the pin and sleeve do not change position. The lead-in chamfer can be adjusted in 60-degree increments to suit the user’s needs by loosening a screw. This new indexing plunger is available with fine or standard metric threads. In terms of material, users can choose between steel and stainless steel, with the grip on both versions made of plastic.
    norelem Normelemente KG (71706 Markgröningen, Germany), Hall 3, Stand D02
    Contact: Svenja Binder
    Tel.: +49 7145 206-95
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    Scoring a century of smart and efficient compressed air solutions!
    Kaeser Kompressoren is proudly celebrating its 100th anniversary at EMO Hannover 2019 with a series of compressed air supply innovations that are truly fit for the future - hand in hand with Industry 4.0.

    To mark the centenary of Kaeser Kompressoren, the company is raising the roof at EMO Hannover 2019 with an impressive showcase of innovative products and services. Its mission? To provide companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors with the reliable, cost-effective compressed air supply solutions they require to get fit for the future of Industry 4.0. With its highly efficient compressors, cost-effective systems for generating compressed air, smart engineering and intelligent services, this impressively wide-ranging portfolio just goes to show how cutting-edge and demand-focused compressed air generation can be nowadays with some thoughtful planning.

    Kaeser is setting its sights beyond right here and now to offer some exciting glimpses of the (not so distant?) future, revealing how smart engineering simulations can already be used to monitor how compressed air stations will function in regular operation before they’re even constructed. The company's groundbreaking Sigma Smart Air service also has a somewhat futuristic feel about it. Remote diagnosis coupled with data-based, predictive maintenance create a carefree, all-round servicing package designed to save users both time and money, while also ensuring a reliable supply of compressed air. The basis for these future-focused concepts is the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 hooked up to the Sigma Network. This high-performance closed network and smart control system are designed to function in perfectly attuned partnership to form the basis of Kaeser’s Industry 4.0 package.
    Kaeser Kompressoren SE (96450 Coburg, Germany), Hall 12, Stand A16
    Contact: Daniela Köhler
    Tel.: +49 9561 640-452
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    Click here to calculate costs!
    Spanflug Technologies GmbH is taking the strain out of producing quick quotes on behalf of CNC manufacturers. Its cloud-based solution is poised for take-off at EMO Hannover 2019.

    "Spanflug for manufacturers" has been designed to enable CNC manufacturing companies to calculate their quotes for turning and milling parts fully automatically based on a CAD model. The idea is to transform the normally very complex, meticulous process of calculating prices for CNC components into a simple series of mouse clicks - without the need for any manual input or technical expertise. The specialist platform operator for CNC manufacturing Spanflug Technologies has chosen EMO Hannover 2019 to unveil its cloud-based solution for calculating quotes.

    Deeming the existing calculation tools on the market often too complex to configure – requiring too much manual input and sometimes even a hefty database - the Munich-based team decided there was clearly room for improvement. To demonstrate there are much easier ways to automatically calculate prices, it developed the Spanflug pricing algorithm for its own online shop, optimizing the process by referencing tens of thousands of turning and milling parts. The company proudly proclaims its tool covers the most comprehensive selection of components on the market, at around 90 percent, and can perform automatic price calculations for a very wide range of technical specifications. What's more, the settings for "Spanflug for manufacturers" - which is otherwise ready for immediate use, without any need for configuration or a database - can be customized, if required, to match specific materials, machine tools and finishes, for example.
    Spanflug Technologies GmbH (80469 Munich, Germany), Hall 9, Stand A30
    Contact: Ariane Wahrmann
    Tel.: +49 89 21555438
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    Upscaling its top compact lathe!
    Hwacheon is appearing at EMO Hannover 2019 to showcase its innovative product enhancements and add-ons together with different machine tools from across its entire portfolio.

    The German-based European branch of the big South Korean name in extremely robust machinery, Hwacheon, is presenting an impressive array of its gargantuan portfolio at EMO Hannover 2019. Its highlights include a vertical turning center complete with tool magazine and both a 5-axis milling center and a vertical lathe equipped with innovative workpiece changers. There's also a horizontal turning center for large and hard workpieces, a vertical machining center for ductile materials and high cutting rates, not to mention a compact universal lathe with linear guides. This awe-inspiring mechanical engineering showcase is rounded off with a horizontal lathe for machining small batches of complex workpieces, a compact high-speed tapping center and a 5-axis milling machine that’s particularly suitable for die and mold applications. But that’s not all! There's even a new XL cousin for the compact Hi-TECH 230 horizontal lathe.

    Not content with setting a new standard with the original Hi-TECH 230 for horizontal lathes featuring chuck sizes of eight to ten inches, Hwacheon has extended this successful line with the Hi TECH 230XL to turn workpieces up to 1,143 millimeters in length - right on cue for EMO Hannover 2019. Above all, the rigidity of the machine bed, supported by very wide, broadly dispersed box guideways, and high-performance drives are designed to ensure precise machining results - even after many years of service. The spindle's 22 kilowatt drive output and 704 Nm torque currently place it at the top of its class. The tools are exchanged into the turret by means of a smooth-indexing, 12-position wheel magazine and driven by an output of 5.5 kilowatts. This speeds processes up considerably, which both boosts productivity and creates the optimum conditions for achieving outstanding machining results.
    Hwacheon Machinery Europe GmbH (44805 Bochum, Germany), Hall 27, Stand A57
    Contact: Christoph Smets
    Tel.: +49 234 91 28 16-0
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    High-tech from the Bosphorus
    Turkish mechanical engineering company Tezmaksan Makine is celebrating its debut at EMO Hannover 2019 and unveiling two products from its home market that have been developed specifically with Industry 4.0 in mind. CubeBox and software package Kapasitematik are set to go international in 2020.

    Founded in Istanbul by Mustafa Aydoğdu in 1981, Tezmaksan Makine Sa. is exhibiting at EMO Hannover for the first time this year, bringing with it two innovations that are being geared up for export. CubeBox and the software package Kapasitematik fit perfectly with the company’s slogan for the fair, "Smart technologies giving shape for the future's production." Developed very much with Industry 4.0 in mind, these solutions are set to bring something very special to the European market when they are rolled out for export, which is currently slated for 2020. Tezmaksan anticipates achieving annual exports worth one million euros with Kapasitematik by 2023 and as much as five million per year with CubeBox.

    CubeBox is a fully automated loading and unloading system for CNC machines that is designed to work 24 hours a day error free, without operating staff having to lift a finger. However, the product really comes into its own as an efficient solution for the night shift. Thanks to its design, CubeBox is reported to be compatible with all standard CNC machines, control devices and brands of robot. Its developers also claim it is approximately 20 percent cheaper than company-specific robot systems. It is said to be so easy to set up that even staff with no programming expertise can have the system up and running in the space of a day. It has also been designed so that customers can replace key parts themselves as and when necessary. What’s more, the pallet changing capability of CubeBox can even fill and empty the tool chuck in the operator while the robot is working with the machine. And that's not all - due to its mobile flexibility, the system can easily be transported from machine to machine within the factory.
    Tezmaksan Makine Sa. (34040 Bayrampasa - Istanbul, Turkey), Hall 27, Stand E01
    Contact: Berna Sikel
    Tel.: +90 212 6746010
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    Giving rough edges the brush-off!
    Even the famously neutral Swiss can be rough around the edges at times - but not when it comes to the functionality of their components! René Gerber AG is exhibiting its brush deburring and edge-rounding machines at EMO Hannover 2019 to show how things can be kept perfectly smooth.

    When it comes to developing and building brush deburring and edge honing equipment, René Gerber AG leads the way and has been a strong partner to its customers for over 60 years. Its main aim is to provide cost-effective and technically appropriate solutions - in the form of the perfect Gerber product for the relevant production scenario - that will remove sharp edges, obliterate unwelcome burrs and precisely hone edges.

    Often, a workpiece can only be guaranteed to work properly once all burrs have been removed. What's more, workpieces wear out far less rapidly when they've been deburred. The preparation of cutting edges and surface brushing are also absolutely essential when trying to ensure coatings adhere well. After all, a good coating is completely useless if the workpiece it's being applied to hasn't been appropriately prepared or manufactured beforehand. Indeed, the kind of process perfection that today's "zero-error philosophy" demands in large-series production can only be achieved when processes can be relied on completely - and this is where deburring has a special role to play. René Gerber AG aims to ensure its customers can achieve perfect deburring, edge honing and polishing and has therefore tapped into its long-standing expertise in deburring to create the BS Power and BS Eco brush polishing machines. Driven by a planetary brush head, the brushes ensure that workpieces are uniformly and completely deburred and edge rounded as they pass by in a line underneath. The BS Power, with its wide belt, ensures a high output and processes valve plates with a diameter of up to 400 mm as they pass through. Its smaller sister machine, the BS Eco, neatly plugs the gap as an efficient and cost-effective solution for smaller quantities with a diameter of up to 250 mm.
    René Gerber AG (3250 Lyss, Switzerland), Hall 11, Stand G19
    Contact: Tanja Orsinger
    Tel.: +41 32 384 44 42
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    A new system set for more than just a supporting role!
    BENZ Werkzeugsysteme promises to impress visitors to EMO Hannover 2019 with a whole host of exciting exhibits. Besides tried-and-tested tooling technology with sector-specific solutions, it is also showcasing machining technology products that it claims will leave other tool-holding systems standing.

    BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme is one of the leading system partners for the development and production of CNC tool systems used by companies that work with metal, wood and composites. Its carefully conceived product range is renowned for its top quality standards and includes static and powered tools, devices such as angle heads, multi-spindle heads and high-speed spindles, and the BENZ Solidfix, BENZ CAPTO and BENZ Nanofix modular quick-change systems. It also supplies broaching units, large-scale drill heads and 2-axis NC heads. However, taking center stage at the company’s stand for EMO Hannover 2019 is "Hybrix", the latest innovative machine tooling technology.

    When "Hybrix" was launched in September 2018, it was the star variant that stole the limelight but, in Hannover, BENZ is shifting the spotlight to the crown design version. The main components of this innovative solution are one or more motor spindles paired with an automatic tool-changing system. By offering the technology in different designs, BENZ aims to ensure it can be used with all machine types. According to the company, machines equipped with "Hybrix" achieve a power density up to 30 percent higher than they do when using pre-existing systems, and also deliver limiting speeds that are around 40 percent higher. What's more, depending on the variant in use, tools can even be changed while machining is ongoing.
    BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme (77716 Haslach, Germany), Hall 5, Stand B44
    Contact: Andreas Jankovic
    Tel.: +49 7832 704-8432
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    Lightening the load
    The new SpindleSense monitoring system from Schaeffler is set to make overloads and the resulting spindle damage a thing of the past. The company is showcasing the first series-production-ready units at EMO Hannover 2019.

    According to Schaeffler, a machine tool's main spindle is crucial to the performance capabilities of the machine as a whole - it is the heart of the system and largely defines the cutting capacity, surface quality and precision that can be achieved. In turn, the bearing of this spindle is one of the hardest-working components because it needs to transmit machining forces precisely at very high speeds for long periods of time and the risk of collisions can never be eliminated completely. So it comes as no surprise that the majority of machine tool downtimes can be traced back to faulty spindles, with the main causes being collisions and continuous, but undetected, overloads. In milling, for example, the combination of extremely high radial loads, long tool protrusions and high speeds leads in particular to high loads and unfavorable kinematic conditions on the spindle bearing near the tool. Yet these loads, which in some cases breach permissible limits, have so far often slipped under the radar, as users lacked an appropriate tool for detecting borderline spindle bearing loads. The new SpindleSense monitoring system from Schaeffler aims to solve this problem.

    A sensor system integrated into the spindle bearing measures the displacement of the spindle shaft under load in a very high resolution and in five directions - three translational and two rotatory. If the deflections measured on the rolling elements exceed a critical threshold, the sensor ring transmits an electrical warning signal to the machine's control system. The threshold is based on an assessment of operation-related bearing parameters such as compression, spin/roll ratio and cage pocket clearance and is set individually for each type of spindle and machine. The first series-production-ready SRS sensor ring units including radial and axial measuring rings with an inside diameter of 70 millimeters are now available for customers to try out for themselves at EMO Hannover 2019. Additional sizes with an inside diameter of 80 and 100 millimeters are due to be added by the end of the year. All units have a standard width of 16 millimeters. SpindleSense comes with an SST setup service tool that can be used to parameterize the system and put it into operation.
    Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG (91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany), Hall 7, Stand C46
    Contact: Bettina Lichtenberg
    Tel.: +49 9132 82-40676
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    A turn for the better
    The Kistler Group is at EMO Hannover 2019 to unveil a product it has developed with Paul Horn GmbH - the world's only solution for monitoring tools for micro-turning processes. Data obtained from the system is to provide information about the tool’s expected service life.

    The Piezo Tool System (PTS) is an innovative solution for monitoring tools used in micro-turning processes and is taking pride of place among the new cutting force measuring solutions in the company's showcase at EMO Hannover 2019. PTS is designed to measure cutting force in real time and use these measurements to provide information about the service life of tools or cutting plates, thus ensuring more efficient production processes and saving money and resources.

    The Piezo Tool System consists of a piezo force sensor and analytical software. It measures the cutting force and tool load while the machine is in operation. The system reportedly identifies defective cutting materials or tool breakages immediately, thus reducing waste to a minimum. According to its developers, the new solution is ideal for use in micro-turning processes. One of the reasons for this is that alternative measurement methods such as spindle monitoring would not return useful results due to minimal deviations in drive power. Likewise, they point out that measuring structure-borne sound does not deliver consistent results for small workpieces. The developers also rule out visual solutions due to the use of cooling lubricants and the high rotation speeds during the machining process.

    PTS continuously records cutting forces and, according to Kistler, this data can then be evaluated to give customers a trend analysis of the cutting tool's service life so that tool service lives can be utilized to the full for a more efficient production system. What's more, the company reports that employees no longer need to continuously monitor machines, which means production can run partly autonomously. "Our tests have shown that in most cases, it's only the critical tool in a manufacturing process that needs to be equipped with PTS," explains Gunnar Keitzel, head of the cutting force business field at Kistler. "This results in vastly increased tool lifetimes - but that's not all. Personnel can also be deployed more efficiently. One single employee has an overview of all the processes, so he or she can supervise several machines at the same time." PTS is compatible with standard turning tool holders from Horn. According to Kistler, its new solution does not require any interventions in the CNC control, so use of the system is not machine-dependent.
    Kistler Instrumente GmbH (71063 Sindelfingen, Germany), Hall 3, Stand I10
    Contact: David Stucki
    Tel.: +41 52 2241 258
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    A cut above the rest
    Kyocera, the Japanese specialist in fine ceramic components, is at EMO Hannover 2019 to present a whole host of innovative cutting tools for industrial machining and production applications, including the new CCX, a CVD-coated cermet for finishing.

    Following its success in Hannover two years ago, Kyocera - one of the world's leading suppliers of fine ceramic components for the technology industry - is back at EMO Hannover 2019, the world's premier trade fair for the metalworking sector. Once again, the company is bringing with it a wide range of new cutting tools for industrial machining and production operations. These top-level innovations include the PVD-coated carbide grade PR1725, the SIGC internal grooving tool for small diameters, a new MEV tangential milling cutter and, taking center stage, the new CVD-coated CERMET grade CCX.

    The CCX is a cermet for finishing that supports cutting speeds of up to 800 meters a minute, resulting in short process times that fully satisfy today's market needs. Other problems typically associated with high-speed machining, such as thermal diffusion and abrasion due to oxidation, can be contained by using the new CCX grade. Its combination of ultra-fine-grained cermet and a very thick CVD coating ensures excellent resilience during machining. According to its developers, further benefits of this innovative product include increased productivity and outstanding abrasion resistance for various steel types and cast iron.

    Visitors can experience the performance capabilities of Kyocera SGS products for themselves in live demonstrations at the fair, where a GROB 5-axis universal machining center is machining various components and challenging materials.
    Kyocera Corporation (Kyoto 612-8501, Japan), Hall 5, Stand E70
    Contact: Daniela Faust
    Tel.: +49 2131 1637 188
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