EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    EMO Hannover Trendspots - No. 5

    Diamonds are a machine's best friend!
    Taking center stage at the VOLLMER stand at EMO Hannover 2017 is the new VPulse 500 wire erosion machine, which features a new erosion generator enabling it to machine PCD-tipped (polycrystalline diamond) tools quickly and accurately.

    20 Sep. 2017

    Diamonds are a machine's best friend!
    Taking center stage at the VOLLMER stand at EMO Hannover 2017 is the new VPulse 500 wire erosion machine, which features a new erosion generator enabling it to machine PCD-tipped (polycrystalline diamond) tools quickly and accurately.

    When the metal machining world gathers on 18 September for EMO Hannover 2017, VOLLMER, the tool sharpening specialist, will be at the heart of the action. This year, the company is showcasing its products and services under the motto "Dialogue on Precision" and is focusing in particular on its new VPulse 500 wire erosion machine. This latest edition to the VOLLMER portfolio is aimed squarely at tool manufacturers and has been designed to sharpen various diamond cutting tools such as multi-stage, milling and bell-shaped tools. VOLLMER is also exhibiting new software options and updates for the QXD 250 erosion machine and a number of additional automatic functions for the VGrind 360, which is used to machine carbide tools.

    Non-contact erosion is the number one choice when it comes to machining tools that are tipped with polycrystalline diamonds (PCD), as this technique allows the removal of precise quantities of material, even down to micrometer level. The new VPulse 500 wire erosion machine has been launched as the successor to the tried-and-tested QWD range for this type of technique. Fitted with a new erosion generator and cutting-edge technology, it is perfectly placed to produce high-quality PCD tools in large numbers. The advanced machine kinematics ensure high profile accuracy in both production and maintenance. Improvements have also been made to the operating concept of the VPulse 500, which is virtually intuitive to program and control thanks to a user-friendly touchscreen.

    VOLLMER WERKE Maschinenfabrik GmbH (88400 Biberach an der Riss, Germany), Hall 6, Stand F46
    Contact: Ingo Wolf
    Tel.: +49 7351 571-277
    E-Mail: i.wolf@vollmer-group.com

    Cooler chiller not climate killer
    The focal point at the Rittal GmbH stand at EMO Hannover 2017 is the company’s new cooling solutions for machine tools. Not only are they geared up for Industry 4.0 applications, but they save a whole lot of energy into the bargain, too.

    It is not just machine tools that are being asked to satisfy increasingly complex new requirements, but their peripherals, too. You could be forgiven for thinking that all a machine tool cooling system has to do is cool machine tools efficiently and enable precise temperature regulation. However, as with almost everything, that just isn't good enough anymore - it also has to be equipped for Industry 4.0 applications. This modern-day requirements profile presents no problems for the new Blue e+ chillers from Rittal, a liquid-based cooling solution for machines and process plants. In addition to the Blue e+ chiller, the system supplier for enclosure technology is also showcasing a range of additional innovations at EMO Hannover 2017.

    Along with the aforementioned attributes of the Blue e+ chiller generation, there have also been huge advances in energy efficiency. This significant reduction in energy consumption is based on the use of a speed-regulated compressor. On a hot gas bypass control system, the refrigeration compressor is run at full load permanently, which results in a large proportion of the cooling power being destroyed without ever being used. By contrast, the DC refrigeration compressor in the new system is regulated by an inverter so that it can supply cooling power to precisely match current requirements. This keeps hysteresis extremely low without wasting cooling power unnecessarily.

    Rittal GmbH & Co. KG (35745 Herborn, Germany), Hall 25, Stand D31
    Contact: Christian Abels
    Tel.: +49 2772 505-1328
    E-Mail: abels.c@rittal.de

    Junker expands its portfolio with a trio of corundum
    Junker is at EMO Hannover 2017 to showcase a new product range of corundum grinding machines comprising three series that have each been developed for a specific application.

    Corundum is one of the most commonly used abrasive materials. Manufactured from aluminum oxide, the abrasive particles are hard and tough. What’s more, the properties of corundum can be modified by varying its metal oxide content, which also changes the color of the abrasive. Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik GmbH is exhibiting an extended and comprehensive range of grinding machines at EMO Hannover 2017, including its new corundum series from the ZEMA brand. As a result, the world market leader for high-speed CBN grinding machines now also has efficient solutions for conventional grinding.

    Junker claims that the ZEMA brand CNC grinding machines are incredibly versatile, robust and durable. The wide variety of potential applications includes the precise and reliable machining of flanges and journals on crankshafts, as well as transmission, turbocharger and drive shafts. The Junkers corundum range is made up of three series, each with different focal points. The Numerika series is aimed specifically at the series production of longer workpieces up to 3.5 meters. By contrast, the Kargo cylindrical grinding machine is particularly ideal for heavy workpieces such as shafts for generators or electric motors weighing up to six metric tons. Finally, the Flexa series can take care of three different machining tasks in one - internal grinding, external grinding and thread grinding. According to the manufacturer, the robust Flexa series also features a modular design that makes it ideal for medium-volume series production.

    Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik GmbH (77787 Nordrach, Germany), Hall 11, Stand B78
    Contact: Rochus Mayer
    Tel.: +49 7838 84-0
    E-Mail: info@junker.de

    Get a grip!
    ISRA VISION AG is bringing the new IntelliPICK product series for 3D robot vision to EMO Hannover 2017. Thanks to its next-generation sensors, it is all set to make bin picking even more efficient and reliable.

    IntelliPICK3D from ISRA VISION is a new generation of sensors that has been enhanced with a range of functionalities and follows in the footsteps of the tried-and-tested SHAPESCAN3D robot vision product series. The new product family is to be further extended with additional sizes and embedded technology as part of the ongoing development of the "Touch & Automate" portfolio. As a result, the sensors, which are also being fitted with WLAN, will be ideally equipped for the future of industrial production and Industry 4.0 requirements.

    Ambient light, cramped conditions, changing parts, a wide selection of containers and short cycle times - industrial production environments pose a whole string of challenges for image processing sensors. However, thanks to its enhanced properties, the new IntelliPICK family of sensors has been built to cope - and to enable fully automatic bin picking on production lines. As it is robust and not susceptible to interference, the new generation of sensors also promises to ensure maximum system availability and keep the production line well supplied. Each system is capable of learning new parts shapes and even complex object geometries quickly and easily based on CAD data. This in turn should enable the system to detect a virtually unlimited range of components. An intuitive user interface has also been developed so that operators do not need any specialist expertise or previous experience to operate the systems.

    ISRA VISION AG (64297 Darmstadt, Germany), Hall 25, Stand E93
    Contact: Gesa Felseis
    Tel.: +49 6151948-0
    E-Mail: gfelseis@isravision.com

    Make sure you're well connected!
    U.I. Lapp GmbH is at EMO Hannover 2017 to exhibit the innovative ÖLFLEX CONNECT SERVO harnessing series for connecting up servo drives.

    With companies around the world slugging it out to expand their market share, it is often the seemingly small things that can turn into a decisive advantage. For example, in these times of end-to-end connectivity, an efficient connection technology can play a crucial role for machine tool manufacturers. The Lapp Group, a market leader for integrated cable and connection solutions, is at EMO Hannover 2017 to show companies how they can get ahead of the competition in precisely this area. Taking pride of place on the Stuttgart-based company’s stand are its latest system solutions under the ÖLFLEX CONNECT brand, which has already made a big impression internationally. ÖLFLEX CONNECT from Lapp offers users bespoke, ready-made cable harnessing and power chains - ensuring companies can focus on their core tasks instead of assembling cables and connectors themselves.

    However, Lapp solutions are not just convenient - the company is always ready to respond rapidly to new developments and create solutions with special performance characteristics. One particular highlight is the innovative series of ÖLFLEX CONNECT SERVO harnessing for connecting up servo drives. Thanks to a semi-automated production process and innovative cables and connectors developed in house, this harnessing is claimed to boost electromagnetic shielding by at least 400 percent compared to conventional alternatives. What’s more, Lapp has an international production and distribution network that ensures outstanding customer proximity and enables it to offer its solutions at the same high-quality standard worldwide.

    U.I. Lapp GmbH (70565 Stuttgart, Germany), Hall 25, Stand E35
    Contact: Dr. Markus Müller
    Tel.: +49 711 7838-5170
    E-Mail: Markus.j.mueller@lappkabel.de

    Getting the setting just right - and fast!
    The KENOVA tool presetters Kelch is exhibiting at EMO Hannover 2017 are almost twice as fast as their previous incarnations thanks to software modules from the tool data management specialists at TDM Systems.

    Kelch GmbH, which specializes in peripherals and services for manufacturers and users of machine tools for cutting processes, is at EMO Hannover 2017 to showcase the latest generation of KENOVA tool presetters, which are now available in combination with modules from TDM Systems. "The new V6 range is ideal for the majority of measuring and presetting tasks. Combining it in a package with the TDM software enables companies to ensure tools are correctly prepared and measured within the specified tolerances," explains Viktor Grauer, Member of the Executive Board and Head of Innovation Management at Kelch.

    Two modules from TDM help optimize performance. The TDM Base Module is software for efficiently organizing tool components, complete tools, tool lists and other equipment in a central database. This enables companies to increase the frequency of use for available tools, lower tool costs by up to 25 percent and reduce the time needed to select tool data by up to 50 percent. The TDM Tool Crib Module helps companies organize their tools in storage facilities, in maintenance and on the machine. This module can also help businesses save up to 30 percent on the time needed for tool supply. The KENOVA set line V6 tool presetters are available for different development stages, from a manual to a fully automated version.

    Kelch GmbH (71384 Weinstadt, Germany), Hall 4, Stand C26
    Contact: Albrecht Fehlig
    Tel.: +49 6021 37 16 74
    Mobil: +49 171 724 20 20
    E-Mail: info@albrecht-fehlig.de

    A whirled-first technology from Einbeck
    The Burgsmüller GmbH stand at EMO Hannover 2017 is all about whirling, a technology the company has played a big part in developing. Whirling goes a long way to delivering the flexibility that is so crucial in the highly competitive machining market.

    Machine tools might not be the first thing that springs to mind when somebody talks about "whirling". In fact, you could be forgiven for drifting off into daydreams about rides at the funfair and mystic Sufi practices. However, in this case, we are talking about a machining process, or more specifically a profile milling process that employs special tools and kinematics. The process is primarily used as a cost-effective means for preparing rotationally symmetrical precision and shaped workpieces ahead of grinding. A special whirling machine or a leadscrew lathe fitted with a whirling attachment are usually used. One of the leading lights in whirling is Burgsmüller GmbH, which is based in Einbeck, Germany, and in fact helped invent the technology, making it a pretty well-established expert in the field.

    To show what it can do, Burgsmüller is exhibiting the new WM 250 - 8000 at EMO Hannover 2017, a whirling machine with an impressive machining length of 6,250 millimeters. The biggest strength of the machine lies in its outstanding precision for hard-whirling ballscrew spindles. The flank diameter tolerance along the full machining length is just plus/minus seven micrometers. This precision is achieved thanks to a prism guide bezel that grips and centers the free end of the bar material while also freeing up the spindle axis so that the bar material can be pushed through. Subsequent machining of the pre-whirled thread during the setting-back procedure is also monitored with measurement technology.

    Burgsmüller GmbH (37574 Einbeck, Germany), Hall 26, Stand E38
    Contact: Jens Biel
    Tel.: +49 5563 705-0
    E-Mail: info@burgsmueller.de

    Precision par excellence!
    Magnescale is at EMO Hannover 2017 to showcase its Smartscale SQ47/SQ57 length measurement system with Drive-Cliq interface from Siemens. Thanks to IP67 protection, it is ideal for high-precision positioning on machine tools.

    If you have anything to do with metalworking, and particularly machine tools, you’ll know just how tight the tolerance ranges are. To achieve such impressive levels of precision, not only do machine tools need to be designed with the utmost care and diligence, they also need to have appropriate measuring systems. For their part, these systems must produce precise measurements at all times, even under sometimes very difficult circumstances, otherwise all that attention to detail in the design phase is for nothing. Japan-based Magnescale Corporation is at EMO Hannover 2017 to exhibit a new generation of absolute length measurement systems that incorporate the Drive-Cliq interface from Siemens.

    A year after being launched with Fanuc and Mitsubishi interfaces, the Smartscale SQ47/SQ57 range of absolute length measurement systems is now being extended to include models for machine tools fitted with 840D-SL control systems from Siemens. The combination of newly developed magnetic scale material and TMR sensor technology enables excellent precision of plus/minus three micrometers per meter. Thanks to this precision, a travel speed of three meters per second and a resolution down to five nanometers, the Smartscale SQ47/SQ57 is a real alternative to optical measurement systems. Due to its design, the system is resistant to soiling with oil, water and dust, which according to Magnescale makes the IP67-compliant measuring system perfect for high-precision positioning tasks on machine tools.

    Magnescale Co., Ltd. (Isehara, Kanagawa-Pref. 259-1146, Japan), Hall 25, Stand E31
    Contact: Yoshiki Fujii
    Tel.: +49 7153 934 291
    E-Mail: info-mgs@magnescale.com

    New software develops your plan B in real time, too!
    Fastems, a leading supplier of systems for factory automation, is exhibiting at EMO Hannover 2017 with MMS Version 6, the latest release of its software for automated pallet handling in machining production.

    Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) from Fastems is one of the most advanced solutions for planning, managing, visualizing and monitoring automated production processes. The software plans production straight from an ERP system, based on the manufacturer's current order and production statuses and all required or available resources. Not only does MMS manage all NC programs needed for the production processes, but also all the tool data. It even monitors tool life. If an unforeseen situation should arise that has not been factored into the production plan - a particularly urgent order being a prime example - MMS will, if necessary, automatically rearrange the production sequence in real time, taking into account the new priorities.

    The new MMS Version 6 on show at EMO Hannover 2017 promises to offer critical benefits to users - both on the shop floor and at management level. The user interface is now based on state-of-the-art HTML 5 technologies and therefore supports a range of hardware platforms and operating systems. As a result, it enables a smooth transition as production processes are upgraded to Industry 4.0 standard. Moreover, the use of smartphones and tablet PCs means users can quickly plan and monitor ongoing production operations, no matter where they are.

    According to Fastems, the updates in Version 6 were based on a series of suggestions and feedback from users of the previous versions of the automation software. One example is the option to precisely plan production orders long before they are processed with the aid of automation solutions. Another new feature simulates anticipated capacity utilization levels in an automatic production process, along with the related order-dependent production flow. Thanks to the recent enhancements, MMS Version 6 not only provides a more accurate insight into ongoing production processes, but also enables users to plan future manufacturing runs much more precisely.

    FASTEMS Systems GmbH (47661 Issum, Germany), Hall 25, Stand B60
    Contact: Rolf Hammerstein
    Tel.: +49 2835 9244 181
    E-Mail: rolf.hammerstein@fastems.com

    Time to get tough!
    Japanese ceramics specialist Kyocera is introducing a whole range of extremely tough and highly specialized cutting tools at EMO Hannover 2017.

    EMO Hannover 2017, the world's leading trade fair for machine tools, is playing host to the ceramics specialist Kyocera Corporation, which has brought with it a variety of cutting tools for industrial machining and production applications. Among the innovations are new grades for super heat-resistant alloys, new milling cutters, new indexable drills and additional precision tools for companies in the automotive, aviation, aerospace and medical technology sectors, as well as their suppliers.

    Also on show in Hannover are chipbreakers for the turning tools used to machine metals containing super heat-resistant alloys. A newly developed substrate enhances the toughness of the indexable inserts, prevents notch-wear and therefore ensures stable machining processes. The new substrate is applied using Kyocera’s Megacoat hard PVD coating technology, which is extremely hard and exhibits excellent heat resistance. Further innovative products on show include the new hybrid MFAH milling cutter, PCD inserts for machining aluminum, the MagicDrill DRV and MagicDrill DRA indexable drills and the new MFPN66 face mill cutter.

    Kyocera Corporation (Kyoto 612-8501, Japan), Hall 5, Stand E44
    Contact: Anders Hegaard
    Tel.: +49 2131 1637-0
    E-Mail: info@kyocera-unimerco.com

    From head to PC, to machine!
    SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH is unveiling the latest version of its "Pictures by PC" CAD/CAM software at EMO Hannover 2017. The software’s functions for 5-axis rotary roughing and 4-axis spiral finishing are designed to help drive down machining times.

    SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH has been developing and distributing software products for graphics and design, CAD and engineering, product presentation and documentation, CAM production and special applications for more than 30 years. SCHOTT is at EMO Hannover 2017 to unveil the latest version of its Pictures by PC CAD/CAM software, which is becoming more and more like a multifunctional swiss army knife for designers and engineers, thanks to its many and varied extensions. For example, the existing solid, surface and mesh Hybrid Modeller has been extended to support mesh offsetting, making it ideal for creating the wall thicknesses of imported STL models. Mesh objects can now also be cut along curves.

    Another new feature is trochoidal 3D roughing, which supports the dynamic and rapid removal of harder materials. What’s more, 3D spiral finishing enables the machining of both flat and steep regions on a part, with a single toolpath that adjusts to maintain a maximum stepover relating to the angle of the surfaces to be machined. Additional improvements include 5-axis rotary roughing and 4-axis spiral finishing operations to reduce programming outlay and machining times on components that need to be machined from multiple sides. Ultimately, the new 5-axis simulation system from SCHOTT SYSTEME is designed to ensure possible collisions between the machine spindle, table, clamps and components are identified without the need for a full machine simulation.

    SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH (82205 Gilching, Germany), Hall 25, Stand D19
    Contact: Hans-Joachim Schott
    Tel.: +49 89 34 80 69
    E-Mail: info@schott-systeme.de

    The monster miller
    WNT is at EMO Hannover 2017 to unveil a new plunge milling cutter with an intriguing name - MonsterMill PCR UNI. This powerful tool doesn't just excel at plunging but also ramping and milling.

    According to its maker, WNT GmbH, the new MonsterMill PCR UNI plunge milling cutter offers impressive performance with its reliable ramping at high angles and exceptional chip removal rates during full slot milling. The company stresses that the cutter’s four flute design and patented centering tip also make it the ultimate solution for materials such as steel, stainless steels and cast iron. Visitors to EMO Hannover 2017 have the perfect opportunity to see for themselves that the MonsterMill PCR UNI is a truly powerful tool that enables machining companies to make a mark in new milling sectors.

    The Monster cutter can not only handle roughing and finishing but is also a master of vertical plunging. It is ideally equipped to do this, with not just one but four cutting edges. These support high feed rates for drilling and fast penetration to working depth, as well as high tooth feed rates of up to 0.137 mm/rev., thereby ensuring easy ramping and slot and profile milling. According to WNT, the MonsterMill PCR UNI is the only four-fluted milling cutter that covers the entire spectrum of applications - from drilling and reliable ramping at high angles to solid slot milling - and, thanks to its four cutting edges, has a clear advantage over conventional plunge milling cutters with only three cutting edges, because it can achieve feed rates up to one third higher.

    WNT Deutschland GmbH (87437 Kempten, Germany), Hall 5, Stand B70
    Contact: Norbert Sattler
    Tel.: +49 831 57010-3405
    E-Mail: Norbert.Sattler@wnt.com
    Martina Weber
    E-Mail: martina.weber@wnt.de

    Truly outstanding
    BIG KAISER, a world market leader in high-quality precision tools and systems for the metalworking industry, is at EMO Hannover 2017 to present its innovative portfolio of next-generation precision boring tools and tool holders.

    BIG KAISER Präzisionswerkzeuge AG from Switzerland produces precision tools and systems for the metalworking industry and primarily supplies the mechanical engineering, automotive, aviation and energy industries, as well as microtechnology sectors such as the medical and watchmaking industries. The product portfolio, which is manufactured entirely in Switzerland and Japan, currently comprises over 20,000 items, each meeting the highest quality standards and thus helping boost productivity. As well as the visual highlight - a Suter 500, the world's fastest two-stroke motorcycle and built by Suter Racing, BIG KAISER's official technology partner - the company is also bringing a new generation of precision boring tools and tool holders to EMO Hannover 2017.

    "Our slogan for EMO is 'Higher Performance - Guaranteed', which will be powerfully demonstrated by some of the best tools in the industry and the outstanding technology from Suter Racing," explains Taku Ichij, CEO of BIG KAISER. As well as the racer, visitors are sure to be particularly interested in a digital fine boring head with integrated radio connection to the EWE app. These fine boring heads are already in their second generation and can be connected wirelessly with the user-friendly BIG KAISER app for smartphones and tablets, enabling unparalleled ease of monitoring and configuration. What's more, all diameter adjustments are recorded automatically in the app.

    BIG KAISER Präzisionswerkzeuge AG (8153 Rümlang, Switzerland), Hall 3, Stand B46
    Contact: Anja-Maria Hastenrath
    Tel.: +49 89 64913634-11
    E-Mail: ah@embedded-pr.de

    For all those aiming high
    ONA Electro-Erosión specializes in wire erosion machinery. As well as automated EDM systems for beginners, ONA is also at EMO Hannover 2017 to exhibit the AV100 - a true giant when it comes to producing large wheels for the turbine industry.

    Like so many other companies, ONA Electro-Erosión, S.A., based in Spain's Basque region, is also using EMO HANNOVER 2017 to showcase itself to an international audience as a European technology company that offers customer-specific solutions in the machine tool industry. To demonstrate its technological skills, the company is bringing to Hannover the AV100, one of the largest erosion machines on the market, which has been specially designed to produce large wheels for the turbine industry.

    As ONA stresses, precision, cost-effectiveness and high surface quality in machining complex workpieces for critical aircraft components - which also include turbine blades, fins and slots - are vital factors for successful manufacturing. And the new AV100 wire erosion machine is a perfect example of this. Despite the machine's size, ONA says the newly developed generator at the heart of the machine enables fine finishing with a surface roughness down to Ra (arithmetic mean roughness) = 0.1 micrometers. According to the company, the CNC also controls up to eight axes simultaneously, which increases the system’s performance enormously and thus creates significant productivity benefits for users.

    ONA Electro-Erosión, S.A. (48200 Durango, Spain), Hall 13, Stand C86
    Contact: Leire Gómez
    Tel.: +34 946200800
    E-Mail: lgomez@onaedm.com

    Always keep a cool head!
    Israeli tool specialist Vargus is at EMO Hannover 2017 to showcase a whole spread of innovative machining tools for more productive turning, milling and drilling with its Coolant Thru system.

    Established in the early 1960s in Nahariya, Israel, and still based there today, Vargus Ltd. is the tooling division of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, one of Europe’s largest owner-run manufacturers and distributors of stainless steel products and metal cutting tools. Since the company's inception, VARGUS engineers have pioneered breakthrough tooling solutions such as the first triangular laydown threading inserts, the first indexable thread milling system and the original hand-deburring system. It is not surprising then that Vargus is bringing a whole host of innovations to EMO Hannover 2017 - products that aim to boost productivity in turning, milling and drilling with integrated cooling.

    Among the products being unveiled at EMO Hannover are the company’s new double-sided blades. Thanks to the high-pressure Coolant Thru system, which enables deeper grooving and parting off, the blades are much more productive and exhibit extended tool life and optimized chip removal. According to Vargus, additional innovations on show include modular radial and axial tools with the high-pressure Coolant Thru system, reinforced Monoblock tools for deep grooving and parting off and tool holders for internal grooving and turning. All options can be used with VG-Cut inserts, which come in four different geometries, with different coatings and in widths of 2 to 6 millimeters. Further highlights at the Vargus stand are the newly developed 3 × D TM Solid HCN tool, a low-wear thread miller from the "Vardex TM Solid Helicool" line, and a newly developed tool called "TMDR" that is designed to enable drilling, thread milling and chamfering in a single step.

    Vargus Ltd. (22311 Nahariya, Israel), Hall 3, Stand B66
    Ansprechpartner: Marc Jordan
    Tel.: +49 7043 36-161
    E-Mail: info@vargus.de

    A lighter touch - thanks to solid carbon motor-driven spindles!
    Carbon-Drive GmbH is looking to unlock a whole new dimension in machine tool engineering at EMO Hannover 2017 - as the world's first manufacturer of a motor-driven spindle made entirely of carbon.

    Visitors from across the world will find a brand new innovation at the Carbon-Drive GmbH stand in Hall 25 at this year’s EMO Hannover. Awaiting them is a new type of motor-driven spindle for machine tools that weighs only half as much as conventional models and is claimed to reduce energy consumption, idle times and production costs. The engineers behind Carbon-Drive – as you may already have guessed from the company’s name – have harnessed the properties of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP).

    Thanks to its high specific rigidity, low weight and very low thermal coefficient of expansion, CFRP has clear advantages over steel - and could open up a whole new dimension in machine tool engineering. The engineers believe spindle nose expansion on the CFRP spindles will be 90 percent lower, resulting in absolute maximum precision and lower reject rates. They are also reporting 50 percent lower mass inertia in all acceleration procedures and reduced warm-up times, which means machines can be up and running faster, thereby boosting productivity. Last but not least, reducing the mass of the spindle by 50 percent also lowers energy consumption, idle times and thus costs. If that all sounds very appealing, here’s a hot tip: During EMO Hannover 2017, Dr. Martin Klimach, CEO of Carbon-Drive GmbH, will be joining a host of speakers at the "Start-ups for intelligent production & product pitches" pavilion to give a series of presentations on "CFRP in machine tools".

    Carbon-Drive GmbH (64287 Darmstadt, Germany), Hall 25, Stand B76
    Contact: Dr.-Ing. Martin Klimach
    Tel.: +49 6151 16 22026
    E-Mail: klimach@carbon-drive.de

    Something in the air
    It all comes down to the mix - at EMO Hannover 2017, Italian company S.C.M. is showing how a blend of 99 percent air and 1 percent cutting oil can create an internal lubrication system that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

    Italian company S.C.M., founded in 1972 by brothers Angelo and Eugenio Masoero, scored its first successes with a patented quick-change chuck for tapping that featured an integrated safety clutch that was particularly suited to the machine tools used at that time. Over the years, the company expanded its production range, with the result that it can now offer five complete product series. It is showcasing its portfolio at EMO Hannover 2017, ranging from quick-change tapping chucks with pre-set tap saving device for tapping and drilling on conventional machine tools, and tapping chucks with or without axial compensation for CNC machining centers and adapters with or without a clutch, to traditional tool holders for CNC machine tools.

    As well as an innovative tool holder developed as part of the Dyna Tool research project, the highlights in Hannover also notably include the Greenchuck internal lubrication system, which is both efficient and environmentally friendly. With a clever mix of 99 percent air and 1 percent cutting oil that is used instead of the usual emulsion, S.C.M. aims to ensure the Greenchuck system doesn’t just save its customers money but also enables them to protect the environment. To use cutting oil instead of conventional emulsion, the Greenchuck system’s patented internal lubrication system mixes the oil with the airflow from the machine tool. S.C.M. points to a range of benefits, not least because the cutting oil – which is stored in a tank integrated in the chuck - is mixed with air in a ratio of 1 to 99. As well as increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact, the Greenchuck system also achieves significant cost savings, due in part to the possibility of eliminating disposal costs.

    S.C.M. srl (15020 Murisengo, Italy), Hall 3, Stand E16
    Contact: Federica Mola
    Tel.: +39 0141993693
    E-Mail: info@scmsrl.com

    When it comes to grinding, even the Dutch have no tolerance!
    Dutch company Timesavers is at EMO Hannover 2017 to unveil the new generation of 81-series precision grinding machines for machining metal sheets with a particularly low thickness tolerance.

    With over 50,000 units already supplied, Timesavers International is setting global standards in grinding machine solutions. The wide range of machines that Timesavers now offers in this sector is concentrated in a total of six specialist areas - deburring, finishing, edge rounding, removing laser edges and heavy slag, removing oxide skin, and precision grinding. The spotlight at EMO Hannover 2017 is on precision grinding in particular, with Timesavers premiering the latest generation of 81-series precision grinding machines.

    The new 81-series machines produce metal sheets of extremely constant thickness thanks to a fixed grinding head that ensures a consistent distance between the grinding belt and slide. According to Timesavers, the tolerance for machining accuracy when grinding on both sides is an impressively low 25 micrometers. A further factor in this high precision is the cooling water, which is maintained at a constant 20 degrees Celsius and can even be reused multiple times following appropriate filtering. The 81 series can machine metal sheets up to 7.5 meters long with a minimum thickness of just 18 millimeters. The entire grinding head unit can also be infinitely adjusted in a vertical direction to achieve the required sheet thickness and compensate for wear of the grinding belt.

    Timesavers International B.V. (4462 EP Goes, Netherlands), Hall 11, Stand A70
    Contact: Dennis Simons
    Tel.: +31 113238900
    E-Mail: dsimons@timesaversint.com

    Thread repair in action
    Although VÖLKEL, a manufacturer of standard thread cutting tools and thread repair systems, is exhibiting at EMO Hannover 2017 for the first time, it already knows exactly what visitors to the world's premier trade fair for the metalworking sector want to see – live demonstrations of the latest product highlights.

    VÖLKEL GmbH, a global producer of thread cutting tools, is at EMO Hannover 2017 to showcase a diverse product range based on over 100 years of experience in machine tap manufacturing. This family business is headquartered in the German city of Remscheid, which has longstanding international trade links in the metal and tool industries. So it comes as no surprise that the company is one of the world's market leaders in standard off-the-shelf thread cutting tools for manual and machine use. With customers in over 70 countries, around two-thirds of its production is exported.

    As the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking sector, EMO Hannover 2017 is thus also the perfect location for VÖLKEL to both meet existing customers and attract new ones. The company aims to draw visitors to its stand with several live demonstrations each day. The presentations will focus in particular on the V-COIL thread repair system, showing in just four steps how V-COIL gives worn-out and defective threads a new lease on life in a quick and easy process. With V-COIL, VÖLKEL promises long-lasting and high-quality thread repairs that make frequent, costly and time-consuming replacement of components in the mechanical engineering and automotive sectors a thing of the past.

    Völkel GmbH (42855 Remscheid, Germany), Hall 5, Stand E84
    Contact: Marc Reichling
    Tel.: +49 2191 490112
    E-Mail: mr@voelkel.com

    A new era in laser technology
    TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH is using the newly created area for additive manufacturing processes at EMO Hannover 2017 to highlight the many different applications for additive manufacturing in industrial production.

    It isn't just exhibitors that offer countless innovations in the metalworking industry. The trade fair itself is also delivering some of its own. For the first time, EMO Hannover 2017 is dedicating a separate display area to additive manufacturing processes. For TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH, this is the ideal arena to demonstrate its expertise in the two key technologies of laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD). The company isn't just focusing on machine solutions but, under the banner "Industrial Additive Technologies", is also providing information on the opportunities that additive technologies have to offer. "Users often still have a great many questions about additive manufacturing, and we’re looking to provide answers using practical examples," explains Rainer Grünauer, Head of Additive Manufacturing Sales at TRUMPF.

    "Additive technologies show their strengths in particular in complex components, while conventional technologies are frequently more than adequate to produce simple components," says Grünauer. And he raises the legitimate question: "Why not harness the best of different worlds in an intelligent mix?" To show how this approach is already being put into practice, TRUMPF is using a tool holder in Hannover that fixes grinding wheels in CNC grinding machines. While the two-part component in the past has consisted of a number of brazed elements - a weak point that has a negative impact on service life – the new design strategy uses additive manufacturing to eliminate this vulnerability. The upper part is created layer by layer on the conventionally produced lower part, the preform, by applying powder in an additive process. Thanks to the design freedom offered by additive manufacturing, this part isn't just lighter - geometrically optimized wall thicknesses also ensure optimum pressure application.

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