EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Visitors‘ statements on EMO Hannover 2019

    What the visitors of EMO Hannover 2019 say

    15 Oct. 2019

    Daniel Vennari, Manager Sales & Support, Rotoflux Deutschland GmbH, Brühl (Baden), Germany:

    "As Manager for Sales & Support at Rotoflux Deutschland GmbH, which designs, devel-ops and produces rotary unions for all kinds of applications, I am here at EMO 2019 in Hannover for two main reasons: to visit our partners and have discussions with them, on new product developments, for example; and to find and recruit new customers. I come to every EMO, simply because it's an investment that always pays off. My im-pression of this year's EMO is again very positive – the mood is very good, in spite of the somewhat complicated situation in the market. The companies that are important for our business are here. Another thing I really like about EMO is the excellent signage to help visitors find their way around the complex – the site maps are very good, for example, which is useful given the huge variety of exhibits at EMO. And if you book early enough, you can even get good accommodation near the exhibition center."

    Kiyokazu Sugiyama, Machining Engineering Group, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Yokohama, Japan:

    "EMO 2019 in Hannover, where we have been for three full days so far, is an ideal way for us to get a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the automotive sector. Two years ago we made our capital investment decisions and signed deals for new technology on the spot at EMO. But this year we are in Hannover mainly to find out what is happening, and then we may make investment decisions downstream from EMO 2019. Naturally there is also a wide range of production systems and machine tools available on the Japanese market, but we want to get a direct comparison with the range on the world market. That's why EMO is so important for us, particularly given the challenges we will be facing during the transition in drive technologies from the internal combustion engine to electromobility."

    Riejanne van Dijk, Marketing Manager, Dymato B.V., Veenendaal, the Netherlands:

    "I and my colleagues from the Dutch company Dymato have been at EMO 2019 in Hannover for four days now. We supply some leading brands of metalworking ma-chines, such as Hyundai Wia, Hanwha, Mitsubishi, Röders and Hegenscheidt, so obvi-ously it is great to be able to meet up with all these suppliers at a single event. Net-working is absolutely my top priority here. Meeting partners face to face and exchang-ing ideas on new developments is my main reason for being here in Hannover. EMO is definitely our most important trade fair worldwide for that reason – literally everyone that is important to our business is here. This year I have been particularly interested in the umati standard interface, which is a really exciting prospect for our company."

    Robert Horn, Sales/Technical Support, PWK Knöbber GmbH & Co. Handels KG (PVZ Gruppe), Kassel, Germany:

    "I am here at EMO 2019 in Hannover on my customers' behalf. We are dealers of high-quality precision tools for mechanical engineering and the component supplier industry, specializing in metal cutting. EMO 2019 in Hannover was a compulsory item on our calendar, because this is where we can find out about the latest developments and also meet up with our many contacts. We decided against actually making purchases at EMO this time around."

    Kenneth Tan, Publisher/Managing Director, Eastern Trade Media PTE LTD, Singapore:

    "I am here at EMO 2019 in Hannover for Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News (Apmen). As a leading magazine, we keep our readership of around 10,000 metalworking specialists up-to-date with the latest industry developments as well as technology and market trends involving machine tools, metalworking, measuring technology and production software. EMO is really important to me, and I never miss it, partly because of the special character of the event. At EMO 2019 there has been a clear sense that companies are aware of the imminent threat of a recession. But you can also see that most of them are well-equipped to deal with the situation, and have identified niche markets where they can continue to be successful."

    Antonio Lopes, Industrial Engineering/Special Products/Tubes and Profiles, KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück, Germany:

    "For KME, one of the world's largest manufacturers of copper and copper alloy prod-ucts, I am using EMO 2019 Hannover as an opportunity to visit our suppliers. Ahead of EMO 2019 we started buying from an Italian company, and then I found my contact person was going to be here for the whole week, so it was an ideal chance to meet him. And obviously EMO gives you a good insight into the latest developments – this is the perfect way to get an overview and find out what's happening."

    Gebhard Debor, Manufacturing Manager, Linde Hydraulics GmbH & Co. KG, Aschaffenburg, Germany:

    "I am here at EMO 2019 in Hannover for two days, to get a up-close view of the machine that is about to be delivered to us. Also, within the wide range of offerings here at EMO, I am looking for a supplier to meet a very specific machine requirement we have. If I find what I am looking for, my colleagues and I could well be prepared to talk business with that supplier. And EMO is always a great way to see whether there is something you could be doing better. This year's EMO seems to have attracted an amazing number of attendees, even more than two years ago as far as I can see, and the mood among both attendees and exhibitors generally appears to be very positive."

    Joanna Wu, International Trade Manager, Hangzhou Zhijiang Magnetics Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, China:

    "This is my first EMO, and my initial impression is the sheer scale of this fair. I have come here to Hannover from China to look for joint venture possibilities for our company, Hangzhou Zhijiang Magnetics. We are a high-tech company specializing in cast alnico permanent magnets and samarium-cobalt magnets. Our alnico magnets and magnet assemblies are provided with manufacturing equipment and inspection systems that are useful for many applications, not least in mechanical engineering, automation and the automotive industry. I am using this fair as an opportunity to find potential partners, so the enormous range of products here at EMO 2019 in Hannover is exactly what I need."

    Valentin Pongratz, precision machinist, Kern Metallbau Gbr, Tillbach, Germany:

    "I am a precision machinist, and I work for Kern Metallbau in Lower Bavaria, Germany. From simple die stamping through to complex special machines, we forge and assemble according to our customers' requests for just about anything which needs to with-stand heavy loads over long periods. I have come to EMO 2019 Hannover to select a 3-axis lathe for our company. I'm just finding out what is available, then my boss will make the final purchase decision – he wasn't able to come to Hannover with me. But anyway, EMO has been ideal for this purpose, because I managed to find what we were looking for!"

    Tajinder Singh, Managing Partner, Telentire Inc., Ludhiana, India:

    "My company, Telentire Inc. is committed to meeting our customers' expectations as an exporter and importer of metal components. To do that successfully, we come to EMO, which is our most important trade fair worldwide. It covers the global market, and is flawlessly organized. We have come to EMO 2019 in Hannover with specific buying intentions. We are also meeting with longstanding partners and looking around to see the latest developments. The important thing for us is quality, and we really value the opportunity to check that for our customers and make comprehensive, detailed comparisons."