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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Torque motor improves machine performance

    The newly developed torque motor TMB+ from Etel is designed to allow greater access to direct drive technology. Operating costs are reportedly reduced at the same time as maintaining high quality and reliability.

    07 Jul. 2017
    The newly developed torque motor TMB+ from Etel.

    After decades of worldwide presence in the machine tool industry with leading-edge torque motors, Etel is presenting the new TMB+ motor. This motor is an evolution of the renowned TMB torque motor that provides a combination of increased performance and new features while maintaining the interfaces of existing motors. According to the company, the torque density of the new version is increased by up to 20 percent while keeping the same footprint and reducing the power losses by up to 30 percent. The speed range is also said to be significantly extended. The new motor is claimed to enable enhanced machine performance and allow new processes to be integrated into existing machines without any design change efforts. With its outstanding performance level, the new development is seen as giving more applications access to direct drive technology while keeping quality and reliability at their highest level and reducing the cost of ownership.

    Contact: Xavier Lhorme, ETEL S.A.
    Tel. +41 32 8620100
    E-mail: xlhorme@etel.ch
    Website: www.etel.ch

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