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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Tool management of the future

    TDM Systems has consistently modernized its software with TDM Next Generation, without throwing existing advantages overboard. Applications should therefore remain operational for customers in the long term.

    28 Jul. 2017
    The new software generation improves data quality, security and the performance of updates.

    With TDM Next Generation, TDM Systems has systematically modernized its software, reportedly without throwing the existing system overboard. In this way, the applications remain functional for the customer over the long term. The new software generation is said to improve data quality, security and the execution of updates, which now only need to be run centrally on the application server. In addition, the interface handling and the use of on-demand and browser solutions, which can be combined with on-site solutions, have apparently been simplified. A substantial requirement is securing the referential integrity of the database. The interdependencies of the data were moved for this purpose from the application into the database, as the company explains, and dependencies are checked and modifications or deletions can be perfectly managed. As a result, the preconditions are in place for future-proof solutions on-site or in the cloud. Further merits highlighted by the developers include the 3D tool assembling and the tool search that comes close to a convenient Internet search.

    Contact: Judith Klingler, TDM Systems GmbH
    Tel. +49 7071 93872-13
    E-mail: j.klingler@storymaker.de
    Website: www.tdmsystems.com

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