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    Three-axis hydrostatic vertical grinding machine

    The PSRC-600V is one of the innovations from Proth, a specialist for hydraulic surface grinding machines and rotary grinders.

    27 Jul. 2017
    The PSRC-600V is one of the latest innovations from Proth.

    Proth, a manufacturer of hydraulic surface grinding machines in Taiwan, offers rotary grinders with table diameters from 200 mm to 1,500 mm and an entire range of surface grinders with table sizes from 150x350 mm up to 2,000x4,000 mm. Among the innovations on show is the three-axis hydrostatic vertical grinding machine with the model designation PSRC-600V. As the manufacturers point out, the rotary table and the X- and Z-axis movements are guided hydrostatically, which serves to improve the working accuracy. A special development has reportedly been the extensive temperature control using oil cooling and coolant to minimize the thermal deformation of the machine. Also new is the control of the Proth PSGC-50120AHR. This machine has now been equipped with a vertical control, which has been developed by the company's Czech sales partner. It also now includes a window-type splash guard.

    Contact: Sandy Chung, Proth Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Tel. +886 4 23583131
    E-mail: sales@proth.com.tw
    Website: www.proth.com.tw

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