EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    This company has truly cracked the automobile industry!

    KRAUSE+MAUSER is bringing a number of its latest innovations for the automotive industry to EMO Hannover 2019. Among the exhibits is a production cell it is implementing for the end-to-end machining of electric motor housings at a major German automaker.

    17 Sep. 2019
    Krause und Mauser Tool_3D-PiezoHead-Real
    Krause und Mauser Tool 3D Piezo Head Real

    According to KRAUSE+MAUSER, around half of Europe's automobiles currently contain parts machined with solutions from its portfolio. The long-established machine tool manufacturer is known as a specialist in the high-precision machining of parts for traditional combustion engine drivetrains. However, the company now aims to show visitors to EMO Hannover 2019 that it’s more than ready to take on the new challenges e-mobility has in store.

    Among the high-end technologies on show in Hannover is the new K+M 3D piezo drill head. This highly dynamic CNC precision drill head with a piezo drive is designed to enable users to perform defined, non-circular drilling in the micrometer range, such as oval and 3D free-form drilling. One of the benefits of this solution is that it can even compensate for systematic errors in form caused by cutting and clamping forces. Another innovation being unveiled is the new K+M laser machining head, which the company claims can be used to produce a defined notch that serves as a predetermined breaking point for subsequent fracture splitting. Notches can reportedly be lasered into almost any material using this technology and can also be adapted in terms of their shape and depth to suit particular requirements. On top of that, the company is showcasing its laser structuring processes, which produce defined surface properties for use as adhesive and lubrication structures, in the form of lines, dots and rings, for example. To round it all off, KRAUSE + MAUSER is also keen to tell visitors all about its innovative solutions for machining connecting rods. The fracture splitting/cracking method produces a micro-structured fracture surface that creates a form-fitting connection during joining. This method can be used on everything from steels to cast and sintered materials - not to mention even fracture-resistant materials, when coupled with suitable cooling technology and pulse cleaning for the fracture surfaces. According to the exhibitor, cracked workpieces are automatically joined and bolted together in a controlled manner - even the process of pressing the bushings into place in the correct orientation is monitored by machine. While the bushings that are pressed into place are calibrated in multiple stages, thin-walled bushings are rolled into place radially.

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