EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Swedish process air purification specialist 3nine AB is at EMO HANNOVER 2017 to showcase its GREEN LINE series, a sustainable solution for oil mist problems, and to unveil new screw action oil skimmer technology for the European market in collaboration with Japanese company RIX.

    16 Feb. 2017

    With their ever increasing cutting speeds, many modern machine tools unfortunately also produce unwanted substances alongside the desired product. Oil mist is created primarily by the swirling of coolant. This mist turns into vapor as a result of further evaporation in the air, which is contaminated by the oil particles. This mist and vapor are deposited on equipment, machinery and production goods, thus damaging the sensitive electronics. But what's even more serious is their health implications for operators and other personnel working in the vicinity. 3nine AB, based in Nacka Strand, Sweden, is at EMO 2017 in Hannover to present a line of oil mist eliminators that deliver a long-term solution to this problem and to unveil a new screw action oil skimmer that separates over twice the amount of oil compared to conventional skimmers. The new product extends the life of cutting fluids and tools and also improves the working environment.

    The 3nine oil mist eliminators from the GREEN LINE series are based on tried-and-tested liquid-to-gas separation technology. Since 2002, 3nine has been granted over 100 patents in the further development of this technology, of which it is now one of the leading suppliers worldwide. GREEN LINE oil mist eliminators can be used for all applications that use coolants or oils in machining processes and are therefore suitable even for difficult applications such as grinding and casting machining. Oil mist eliminators from 3nine require only very minimal maintenance and also support the reuse of oils and coolants during operations. This makes them the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution on the market.

    The new screw action oil skimmer also being exhibited at EMO HANNOVER 2017 uses the difference in viscosity between oil and cutting fluid to continuously separate machine oils from the cutting fluid. Oil, which has a higher viscosity, is separated using a rotating threaded device. More tramp oil can be separated per hour using the new 3nine RIX screw action oil skimmer than with a conventional belt skimmer, for example, without significant amounts of cutting fluid being removed. The technology was developed by Japanese company RIX in response to a request by one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and is now being sold by 3nine on the European market in collaboration with RIX.

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