EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    The EMO Hannover in sound and pictures

    The EMO Hannover in sound and pictures

    07 Aug. 2019

    "Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production!" – The motto of the EMO Hannover 2019 doesn’t just sound good, it also promises a whole lot of innovation. The world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking industry comprehensively bridges the gap between traditional production technology and new processes, images the bandwidth of the manufacturing sector like no other trade fair around the globe. But what in fact are smart technologies, and how can artificial intelligence become a competitive factor? A short film on the EMO Hannover 2019 provides not only answers but also whets the appetite for a visit to the fair. For this purpose, Datron AG and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), both of them exhibitors at the EMO Hannover, have opened their doors and let us look over their shoulders. You will find the "Smart technologies" video here: https://vdw.de/emo-smart.

    There is double spotlighting for umati, the new interface for machine tools, which in 2019 will indubitably constitute one of the fair’s highlights. An easily comprehensible animated clip is intended for the target group of machinery purchasers and operators, explains in three minutes typical problem cases, and shows how umati can contribute towards solving these problems. The video can be retrieved here: https://vdw.de/umati-erklaert.

    The second video focuses on the umati showcase at the EMO Hannover and is deliberately informal in tone. The fictitious Bauer GmbH, with machine operator Bruno and his boss, takes viewers on a journey from detecting a problem to solving it. You will find the video here: https://vdw.de/umati-emo2019

    Things turn more serious when it comes to the start-ups, one of the fair’s top priorities, which this year will be receiving still further intensified focus. This is because contrary to public perception half of all companies from the plant and machinery manufacturing sector today are already seeking to embrace the start-up scene, and the number is rising. In the short film entitled "Rejuvenating industry: bringing established companies and start-ups together", representatives of both worlds have their say, illuminate this trend, and take a look behind the scenes. How can young entrepreneurs and established players find the right partners? What contact points are available, and how does a collaborative arrangement become successful? You will find the film under: https://vdw.de/emo-startups

    The EMO preview in early June was also recorded on film. The entire first day, including the presentation by Dr. Wilfried Schäfer on the EMO’s highlights for 2019, the keynote address by Dr. Anselm Blocher (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), and the exhibitors’ elevator pitches, were live-streamed for the first time. Using skip marks for the individual contributions, users can at any time jump to the place they want without having to search the whole video. If you want a comprehensive introduction, though, you can also watch the entire video for a superlative overview encapsulating the diversity of the exhibitors and themes at the EMO Hannover – a fine opportunity to put yourself in the mood for the fair and an informative guide for planning your own visit to the event. You will find the video here: https://vdw.de/preview

    Last but not least, a highlight video of the EMO preview also provides some exciting insights, with input from exhibitors and journalists as well, who will be assessing the perceived importance of the EMO Hannover and giving their views on the fair. The result is a clip that whets the appetite for the event and in a few short minutes summarises why this year, too, a visit to the fair is a definite must. Take a look here: https://vdw.de/emo-highlights