EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Gear cutting and fnishing machines

    Stepping up a gear

    Hobbing, shaping and broaching have up to now been the dominant methods used to pre-cut gears in the car and truck sectors. At EMO Hannover 2017, gearing specialist Samputensili is presenting a highly productive alternative - SCUDDING from Profilator.

    12 Sep. 2017

    Samputensili Cutting Tools from Italy has been supplying the gearing industry with a comprehensive tool and service range for the production of gears, shafts, worm gears, rotors and other helical workpieces since 1949. The company is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision tools for the gearing industry. Samputensili manufactures state-of-the-art precision tools at cutting-edge production facilities in various locations throughout the world. The company is at EMO Hannover 2017 to show how SCUDDING - where the tool and workpiece interact with each other, as with gearing - can offer a flexible, highly productive application for a whole host of gearing types.

    Although the comparison with gearing is obvious, there is a key difference with SCUDDING - the axis cross angle between the tool and the workpiece.The axis cross angle in SCUDDING ensures relative movement along the component edges and thus chip removal. State-of-the-art machine and tool technology achieves cutting speeds up to vc = 250 m/min. However, the high spindle speeds this requires inevitably lead to high process dynamics. To eliminate the negative effects of these dynamics on the processing results, the machine needs to be adapted to the SCUDDING process. This is the only way to ensure a rigid design that delivers optimum machining results, as any vibrations are minimized. Visitors to the Samputensili stand at EMO Hannover 2017 can find out how this adaptation can be made, among other things.

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