EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Precision tools

    Step on the brakes and get ahead!

    Ringspann GmbH is presenting itself as a versatile machine tool supplier at EMO HANNOVER 2017. Besides overload clutches and precision clamping fixtures, the company's highlights at this year’s fair center on new exhibits from its industrial brakes range.

    16 Aug. 2017

    Based in Bad Homburg, Ringspann GmbH is known first and foremost as a manufacturer of shafts, bearings and motors. However, Ringspann also supplies a wide range of essential components for the safe and reliable operation of main and auxiliary drives in state-of-the-art machine tools and processing centers. For example, the company's form-fit SIKUMAT torque limiters and RIMOSTAT friction torque limiters connected via friction linings are used for overload protection on machine tool drives and spindles worldwide. These ready-to-install modules in various versions are among the highlights at the Ringspann stand at EMO HANNOVER 2017, as is a wide range of new overload clutches.

    But that's not all. On its way to becoming a one-stop supplier for drive technology components, Ringspann has also significantly expanded its range of brakes over recent months and is unveiling a number of new models in Hannover. The latest generation of Ringspann electrical brakes is sure to prove a hit. Used for braking, stopping and emergency stopping gravity-loaded and driven axles, linear axles and rail guides, they are particularly relevant for manufacturers of machine tools and processing centers. The innovative, electronically controllable disc brakes of the EV and EH series are built to impress, thanks to their lean installation dimensions, low weight, numerous Industry 4.0 features and high energy efficiency.