EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Solenoid valves for mechatronics

    The Italian pneumatics experts at Aignep will be introducing a new solenoid valve at the EMO Hannover 2017 that has been specially developed for mechatronics.

    21 Jul. 2017
    The new modular 15V series of solenoid valves represents the first step into mechatronics by Aignep.

    According to the manufacturers, the new solenoid valve series 15V is characterized by its response time and simple communication with the machine control. Two protocols are currently available from the series, namely Profibus and 37-pin. In a second step, the series will be equipped with two further protocols, Profinet and Ethernet/IP. As the Italian exhibitors describe it, the new range is powerful, compact and modular. Each valve has a specific thickness of 15 mm. The size is reportedly the same for mono-stable and bi-stable versions and up to 32 solenoids can be connected, which results in a flow rate of 830 ml/min. The body of the solenoid valves is made of aluminum and the body of the module is made of reinforced techno-polymer. Also specified by the company is that the coil is made of nickel-plated aluminum, the pistons and seals of elastomer, and the springs of stainless steel AISI302. Numerous accessories are said to be available. These include the separately driven base for electrical controls, whereby the new series can be used not only for compressed air but also for vacuum applications.

    Contact: Gabriele Bugatti, AIGNEP SPA
    Tel. +39 0365 896626
    E-mail: gabriele.bugatti@aignep.it
    Website: www.aignep.com

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