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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Small pump for lubricants with multiple outlets

    According to the German company Dropsa Schmiertechnik, Omega is the ideal multi-outlet electric grease pump. The new development is mainly designed to be used in small and medium-sized lubrication systems.

    01 Sep. 2017
    The newly developed Omega pump from Dropsa Schmiertechnik

    Omega is the new Dropsa multi-outlet electric grease pump for the lubrication of small and medium lubrication systems. The centralized lubrication system is said to be particularly versatile and can be used on both progressive systems and on multi-line systems. On the latter systems, the manufacturers explain, the machine's lubrication points can be lubricated directly using the eight pumping units without the use of dosing units. The system can also be expanded using the two pumping units preset for progressive systems. The pump connects to dividers, for example the nP, nPr+, SMX or SMP models produced by the exhibitors, which distribute the lubricant to the lubrication points. Like all progressive systems, the system can be deployed for small, medium and large dimensions, depending on the needs of the machinery. Available both with loading reservoir and with preloaded cartridge, the pump is seen as the perfect solution for installation in small spaces thanks to its compact design.

    Contact: Jacomo Divisi, Dropsa Schmiertechnik GmbH
    Tel. +49 211 394011
    E-mail: jdivisi@dropsa.com
    Website: www.dropsa.com

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