EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Simply flush away the chips when milling

    The Jet-Sleeve 2.0 is a tool-holder with a golden ring screwed on at the top of the holder with 16 tiny nozzles, through which MQL (minimum-quantity lubrication) or just air is pressed through with high pressure. Milling in deep holes or cavities is no longer a problem, according to Diebold, because chips are flushed away immediately. Eroding is therefore completely unnecessary.

    06 Sep. 2017
    The Jet-Sleeve 2.0 can be used in heavy-duty machining, standard milling, and in micro-machining as well.

    Since the chips are immediately blown away from the cutter area even in difficult-to-access deep cavities, any cutter damage caused by over-running chips is no longer possible. This is claimed to increase tool life by 100 to 300 percent and render the frequent re-start of the CNC programs, as was required earlier after changes, unnecessary. Due to the fact that the aluminum sleeve has been replaced by a ring, the wall thickness of the chuck could be increased to enhance the gripping force. This benefits the vibration resistance, and the cutter also sits more firmly in the shrink sleeve. A further advantage is that it is now possible to set up the tools more quickly since no aluminum sleeve has to be unscrewed to shrink the cutters. As the manufacturers point out, the nozzle ring is TIN-coated, which makes the nozzles more abrasion-resistant against media flow under high pressure. The new tool-holder can be used in heavy-duty machining, standard milling, and also in micro-production.

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