EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Automated Process Chains

    Productivity from the chain

    With the MCM140, Miksch has developed a chain magazine that can pick up a high number of tools in a small space.

    26 Jun. 2017
    The MCM140 chain magazine offers space for up to 180 tools in a small space.

    Up to 180 locations are currently possible. In addition to the compact and space-saving design, the manufacturers highlight the short changing times and high speeds as particular merits of the solution. Nearly everything is possible, even with mounting, they claim. The chain magazine is deemed suitable for mounting in horizontal and vertical machines while not requiring a customized solution. The modular assembly allows its adaptation to different scenarios. Even the frequently occurring lengthening of chains with chain magazines, requiring retightening of the chain, has been almost completely eliminated by the engineers. Moreover, combining the solution with the company's tool changer with gripper arm is said to result in an optimal tool-changing system. All movements required for the tool change are then mechanically synchronized. The changing times of less than 0.5 seconds and a chain speed of 40 m/min reportedly place the tool provisioning concept at the top level.

    Contact: Heribert Miksch, MIKSCH GmbH
    Tel. +49 7161 6724-0
    E-mail: m@miksch.de
    Website: www.miksch.de

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