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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Precision milling machine with a new operating concept

    The Top machines from Fehlmann combine manual and CNC operation. This allows working on individual parts without time-consuming programming.

    07 Aug. 2017
    The Top machine for manual and CNC operation with an innovative Fehlmann operating concept.

    The Picomax 56 Top is a precision milling machine with a new kind of operating concept deploying the company's Top (Touch Or Program) functions. This concept reportedly allows for CNC-controlled three-axis machining (optionally up to four-axis CNC) as well as use of the electromechanical drilling lever plus the two hand wheels for manual operation. The system has been specifically designed to perform milling, drilling and threading tasks on single parts in a quick, reliable and efficient way without any time-consuming programming. As the Swiss manufacturers maintain, after a very short initial training period, operators are able to efficiently operate the machine even without prior programming knowledge. The mill is available with the new fully digital Heidenhain control TNC 620 Touchscreen. It can also be delivered in an L-version with an extended X-travel of 800 mm and a clamping surface of 1,400x480 mm for added flexibility and versatility. As a result, extra-long workpieces can be machined in a single step without repositioning.

    Contact: Roland Sandmeier, Fehlmann AG
    Tel. +41 62 76911-11
    E-mail: roland.sandmeier@fehlmann.com
    Website: www.fehlmann.com

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