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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Precision collet chuck with three specialized variants

    With its Centro-P premium program, Fahrion is expanding the application areas for its precision collet chucks. Directly tailored to specific requirements, they have been designed to enable even better surfaces, shorter machining times and longer tool life.

    18 Sep. 2017
    The new Centro P premium program from Fahrion consists of three product families for different requirements.

    Centro P Premium comprises three product families. The Ultra Power Collet Chucks (UPC) range is regarded as the spearhead of the program. They have reportedly been designed to maximize the material removal rate on high-performance machines with high stiffness and drive power. The Dynamic Performance Collet chucks (DPC), on the other hand, are designed for highly dynamic machines with less stability and drive power, but in most cases with a higher speed level. As is explained, a very high material removal rate is also typically achieved with such machines, but via the speed instead of through the drive power. For this purpose, the DPC holders are equipped with less dead weight and a one-part balanced clamping nut with a special internal coating to reduce the frictional resistance. The Mini Precision Collet Chucks (MPC) series complements the program and is intended for machining applications with high-speed spindles or equipment in confined spaces. These holders mostly have smaller clamping diameters and in part very slim outer contours for high speed deployment or for deep immersion into cavities.

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