EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    CAD/CAM solution

    Precise cutter path control – at the touch of a button!

    Vero Software GmbH will be bringing the latest version of its highly efficient WorkNC CAD/CAM solution to EMO 2017 in Hannover. The 2017 R1 release recently unveiled is the first version under a new six-month cycle release plan.

    01 Feb. 2017

    WorkNC is a well-established CAD/CAM solution for mold, die and tooling businesses that boasts qualities such as reliability, high performance and ease of use. WorkNC boosts productivity in highly competitive areas, which helps ensure market gains for companies from a wide range of sectors, including the automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding, household equipment and consumer goods industries. Thanks to a high level of automation, WorkNC provides numerous strategies for roughing, finishing, optimization, remachining, contouring, curve machining and hole boring virtually at the touch of a button, so no-one needs to be a computer expert to program toolpaths with this solution.

    The 2017 R1 edition of WorkNC recently released by Vero Software includes a range of elements with effective new strategies for improving productivity. Another important function of this first version under a new six-month cycle release plan is the Parallel Finishing toolpath based on Vero Software's "Advanced Toolform" technology. The new Parallel Finishing toolpath calculation takes into account the actual physical geometry of the cutting tool, regardless of whether it is a high-feed cutter, a standard tool or any convex tool shape.

    Other new functions of WorkNC 2017 R1 that save a great deal of programming time include a unique new feature for 3 axis and 3+2 axis machining. Thanks to 3D Tool Compensation, it will no longer be necessary to program and calculate several different toolpaths in order to obtain the desired result – and that applies whatever controller is fitted to the milling center.

    Vero Software GmbH (63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany), Hall TBA, Stand TBA