EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Powerful zero-point clamping system

    Using its hydraulic High-Power technology, Kosmek has developed a long-life, high-precision and maintenance-free zero-point clamping system with an exceptional size-to-clamping force ratio.

    24 Jul. 2017
    TPI 2017

    Austrian-based Kosmek Europe is a leader in clamping systems for low-pressure hydraulics and high-performance pneumatics for clamping, positioning and supporting as well as automation and robotics. According to the company, its technology makes it possible to achieve hydraulic clamping forces with pneumatic clamping elements. As is explained, the hydraulic High-Power technology allows comparable clamping forces at 70 bar as with 200 bar. The pneumatic High-Power technology (3 to 7 bar) can generate hydraulic clamping forces that are seen as ideal for oil-free environments. It is reportedly possible to increase the clamping force by up to three times with the same size. In addition, a holding force up to seven times the clamping force is generated. This is claimed to be a decisive advantage when handling structural parts, with no deformation during clamping and with high holding forces, even at 0 bar. Deploying the technology, the manufacturers have been able to create a long-life, high-precision and maintenance-free zero-point system with an excellent size-to-clamping force ratio. The solution is available for practically all hydraulic and pneumatic clamping and support elements as well as for cylinders and clamping systems for press and punching tools.

    Contact: Wolfgang Herrnhofer, Kosmek Europe GmbH
    Tel. +43 463 287587-14
    E-mail: wolfgang.herrnhofer@kosmek.eu
    Website: www.kosmek.eu