EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Safety and environment

    Not just hot air!

    The stand of Keller Lufttechnik at EMO Hannover 2019 is focusing on the need to ensure staff in metalworking plants have clean air to breathe, even under tough conditions. One of its satisfied customers is on hand to help the company make its point.

    11 Sep. 2019
    Keller Lufttechnik Best Practice

    As is only fitting for EMO Hannover 2019, the clean air specialist Keller is centering its exhibits around metalworking plants. However, rather than blow its own trumpet, the company has brought along one of its customers to sing the praises of its solutions, which are designed to keep the air in the workplace clean and healthy. Emil Arnold GmbH & Co. KG was only too happy to help out and give credit where it feels it is due. The manufacturer of renowned ARNO metalworking tools has been using air filtration systems from Keller for more than ten years.

    For a company to survive in today's market, both its staff and its machinery need to reliably perform to the highest standards. The CNC grinding machines and the rounding machines used to put the finishing touches to manufactured parts function in an atmosphere permeated with atomized cooling lubricant. That can't be expected of the staff in the workshop, though. "They need clean air at their workplace so they can stay healthy and motivated. They're also legally entitled to this," says Thomas Zeiträg, who is in charge of carbide machining at Emil Arnold. Back in the 1990s, many of its grinding machines were operated in the cramped basement rooms without any enclosures - with just one large fan to dispel the clouds of aerosol out into the open air. Today, however, things are very different at Emil Arnold, and visitors and employees alike can expect to enjoy clean air in the lofty, bright workshop. Robots handle most of the work on the state-of-the-art grinding machines, which are entirely encapsulated, and the clouds of lubricant are continuously removed from the machining rooms by specialized extraction systems. A total of three Keller extraction systems serve the machine park at Emil Arnold. One of these is the oil mist separator AERO. "Just a few years ago, Keller Lufttechnik succeeded in raising the bar for separation when it launched the AERO, which filters out 99 percent of even the smallest particles," explains Thomas Schneider, who works in field sales at Keller. "The device uses MICOS-P fine fiber filter elements, which are tubular cartridges that have an especially large surface. That makes them more effective. A knitted metal mesh helps to pre-separate larger particles while also adjusting the airflow to ensure it flows evenly into the filter cartridges of the main filter stage from below." The results have impressed the customer: "The AERO works like a well-oiled machine," smiles Zeiträg, who is only too happy to recommend Keller Lufttechnik to other companies.


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