EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Industrial electronics

    Kessler has no time for bigheads!

    Kessler, a system supplier for the machine tool industry, is at EMO Hannover 2019 to showcase its new MINI compact head. This latest addition to the company's Head line was designed to make the most of a machine’s working space.

    23 Aug. 2019
    Kessler MINI compact head

    Kessler is well known in the sector for supporting its customers with modular products for specific requirements. In addition to high-speed rotary and rotary tilt tables, the company's portfolio also includes directly driven 2-axis heads complete with integrated high-tech spindles. In-house production ensures all modular components are equipped with the latest generation of Kessler motors. To coincide with EMO Hannover, Kessler is systematically adding to its modular range of 2-axis heads, motor spindles and rotary tilt tables. The 2-axis heads from the company’s Head line are a real highlight.

    A highly dynamic powerhouse achieving speeds of up to 20,000 rpm, the new MINI compact 2AH being unveiled in Hannover has the ability to reach locations that are difficult to access when machining workpieces with complex geometries or contours. This compact entry-level 2-axis head is equipped with spindles that were deliberately designed to be very short so as to increase the working space in the machine.

    Kessler recommends the short MT line spindle for machining workpieces large and small made of various materials. This spindle was developed specifically for use in directly driven, tilting 2-axis heads to generate a high power density in the smallest of spaces. The low interference contour is designed to enable the MT line to machine larger workpieces in the same working space. The spindle - which is optionally available with shaft clamping for high-precision turning operations - is also intended for machining with long boring bars.

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