EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    New-generation cross slides

    The French Alps offer more than just breathtaking scenery and ski resorts - they're also home to R-Tech, which produces impressive CNC cross slides for CAM-operated multi-spindle lathes. R-Tech is at EMO HANNOVER 2017 to present the latest development in this field.

    25 Aug. 2017

    The engineers from R-Tech developed the new CNC cross slides because - as they put it - they want to enhance a traditional machine with a technological tool that counteracts the machine's lack of flexibility and precision. For a low investment cost, the CNC cross slides from R-Tech are designed to add more value, open up markets and set new standards in areas such as precision, surface quality and deburring.

    R-Tech sees the CNC cross slides being showcased at EMO HANNOVER 2017 as an excellent opportunity to achieve competitive product prices, and points to the low investment and production costs. The company is harnessing the first-rate mechanical properties of its cross slides to deliver high processing performance, singling out their robustness in particular, with prismatic slideways acting as guides, for example. Two sets of motors and ball bearing spindles keep things moving, with the large diameter spindles supporting a torque of over one metric ton. The drive belt also facilitates transfer without play or compensatory adjustment. What's more, this system doesn't need maintenance or lubrication. Its design and the use of next-generation motors support an impressive torque of 3.48 Nm on the tool, despite the compact form. The system is powered by a FANUC CNC, which - in the words of R-Tech - offers first-class performance and ensures higher speed and precision than other solutions.

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