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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    New bellows with longer extension and less space

    Hema's new W bellows has a 20 percent longer stroke.

    21 Jun. 2017
    The new W bellows from Hema features 20 percent optimized strokes in comparison to standard Samurai bellows.

    Machine tool axes have to be protected against contamination by means of bellows. The German company Hema has now developed a design that enables substantially longer strokes than conventional systems and also requires less installation space in the machine. The new W bellows has a 20 percent longer stroke. Whereas standard Samurai bellows from the same manufacturers with a 40 mm bellows width achieve an extension of 60 mm with a stroke of 56 mm, the latest version enables an extension of 75 mm and a stroke of 71 mm. Compared to standard systems, the bellows also save the user valuable installation space, since they need fewer folds for the same extension lengths. While an extension of 1,150 mm required 19 bellows in the past, this number is reduced to 15 with the new design. Since no support frame is needed, it is also lighter than the usual systems, which is said to improve dynamics in the movement of the axes.

    Contact: Isabell Nemitz (Agentur), HEMA Maschinen- und Apparateschutz GmbH
    Tel. +49 4181 92892-14
    E-mail: info@koehler-partner.de
    Website: www.hema-group.com

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