EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    More service for the needs of the digital industry

    Danobat has significantly expanded its range of services. As the German company points out, capitalizing on the opportunities of growing digitalization in industry, it is now possible to have advanced services using the latest information and communication technology that ensures maximum machine availability and support in the operation, programming and maintenance of the equipment.

    01 Sep. 2017
    With a number of new services, Danobat creates added value for its manufacturing solutions.

    As part of its services tailored to the needs of the digital industry, Danobat has developed Data System, a set of services based on machine monitoring and Big Data to analyze the machining process and machine behavior. As a result, a tablet or mobile phone can be used to check the status of a machine and, if necessary, optimize the process or anticipate possible failures. Also presented will be a solution called Control System, which enables the control, monitoring and supervision of data of all the stages of the machining process in high complexity manufacturing lines made up of different machines and equipment. This system comprises a computer application for the full management of production lines. It is independent of the manufacturer of the equipment and can therefore be fitted on different types of machines. As the exhibitors explain, all information necessary to perform the given task is managed by the system. This includes CNC programs, tools and tooling. The system can be integrated in other data management programs used on-site such as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications.

    Contact: Maialen Agirre, Danobat S. Coop.
    Tel. +49 2772 801181
    E-mail: magirre@overbeck.de
    Website: www.danobatgroup.com

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