EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Abrasive machine tools

    Modular machine for deburring, honing, polishing and brushing

    The new BS Power from René Gerber has one or two planetary brush heads and is said to reliably and evenly deburr and polish workpieces up to a diameter of 400 mm or both sides up to 180 mm.

    03 Aug. 2017
    The BS Power (on the picture with a part turning station) is designed in such a way that even strong ridges can be removed in a process-safe manner.

    The machine range of René Gerber includes machines for precise deburring, edge honing and polishing. The company will be presenting its powerful new transfer brush deburring system "BS Power. The new series of diamond brushes is said to bring even greater accuracy and open the way for the automation of the brushing process. As the company explains, the machines are used when flat workpieces with throughputs or pockets with high precision are to be deburred and defined in a narrow tolerance. At the same time, surface roughness is improved. This technology is used in a variety of precision components where completely burr-free and damage-free surfaces are a necessary condition. Applications are seen in metal processing, especially in the punching and fine-cutting of turning, milling and gear parts. The planetary brush heads have three large plate brushes with a diameter of 260 mm and thus form a flying circle of 570 mm. The machine is said to be universally applicable. Even parts such as rotors, planet gears or housings can apparently be effectively deburred with this technology in a process-safe manner.

    Contact: Tanja Orsinger, René Gerber AG
    Tel. +41 32 3844442
    E-mail: tanja.orsinger@gerber-maschinen.ch
    Website: www.gerber-maschinen.ch

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