EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Electroerosive machine tools

    Modern equipment for electro-erosive machining

    The Scientific Industrial Corporation (SIC) Delta-Test announces an ultra-precise six-axis electro-erosion machine, which has a new CNC system and a high-production generator with energy recovery.

    28 Jul. 2017
    The new ultra-precise six-axis electro-erosion machine Arta 454 S

    The ultra-precise, six-axis EDM wire-cutting machine Arta 454 S is equipped with the CNC system Arta-X.10 as well as an intelligent energy-efficient generator. According to WIK, it features high-precision mechanisms, drives and control systems, structural rigidity and thermo stability for use in the most demanding fields of electrical discharge machining for various materials. The solution reportedly allows cutting complex shapes with simultaneous interpolation in four to five axes and enables repeatability on the workpiece of up to plus/minus 1.5 microns. The company reports that it is a leading developer and manufacturer of wire cut and sinker EDM with 25 years of experience. It specializes in high-precision equipment and micro-erosion with a minimum electrode tool diameter starting at 10 microns. Arta is a registered trademark from the manufacturers and the machines under the brand are effectively used in a wide range of applications including mechanical engineering, radio electronics, aerospace, engine construction, and the medical industry.

    Contact: Vasily Kuznetsov, SIC Delta-Test
    Tel. +7 495 995 0968
    E-mail: bazil@edm.ru
    Website: www.artaedm.com

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