EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Micro-machining centers with sub-micron accuracy

    The five-axis micro centers YMC 430+RT-10 and YMC 650 have been designed for precise micro-machining with high surface quality.

    03 Jul. 2017
    YMC machines deliver high precision and surface quality in micro-machining.

    Yasda Precision Tools will be exhibiting two high-end machines that fulfill the demand for ultra-high precision and high quality in the expanding micro-machining field. The micro center YMC 430 with RT 10 option is billed as the best solution for sophisticated machining. As the company points out, all the axes are controlled by high-speed linear motor drives that deliver a positioning accuracy of less than one micron according to ISO 230-2 (1997). Other features such as the 40,000-rpm high-speed spindle, the highly rigid symmetrical frame structure and the X-Y table also contribute to its great accuracy and stability. The machine is equipped with the tilting rotary table RT-10 that is reportedly distinguished by exceptional indexing accuracy. The second machine, the YMC 650 micro center, is capable of finishing larger workpieces with its extended strokes and larger table. Thanks to the high rigidity achieved by the machine frame and the thermal distortion stabilizing system, it can achieve high-quality surfaces and high positioning accuracy over a long operating period. Both machines are equipped with the latest Fanuc control system, the new iHMI touch panel, and the latest version of the man-machine interface OpeNe.

    Contact: Mariko Ewald, YASDA PRECISION TOOLS K.K.
    Tel. +49 211 598937-40
    E-mail: office@yasda.eu
    Website: www.yasda.com

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