EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Milling machines

    Just see what my milling machine can do!

    With the new Ultrix 1200 EVO it is exhibiting at EMO 2017, Italian company Breton is looking to gain a further technological edge over other 5-axis milling/turning centers.

    15 Feb. 2017

    The new Ultrix 1200 EVO 5-axis milling/turning center from Breton was designed to optimize the milling and turning of heavy materials, in particular special alloys and titanium. The Ultrix 1200 EVO features a large, flexible working envelope, a spindle power of up to 900 Nm, a small footprint and the dynamic qualities of a compact machine. These properties make the Ultrix 1200 EVO the perfect solution for 3D machining operations, with turning, milling, drilling and grinding all possible on a single machine.

    The new Ultrix 1200 EVO's design makes it an attractive option for numerous sectors. Visitors to EMO 2017 from the aerospace, energy, mold production and mechanical engineering industries in particular should take a close look at Breton's innovation. Its big advantage is the ability to produce complex parts that undergo all kinds of machining operations in a single clamping process. This is some indication of the machine's very high manufacturing precision. Another special feature of the Ultrix 1200 EVO is an additional magazine integrated into the machine's "shoulders", with automatic tool changes for peripherals such as angle heads.

    Breton S.p.A. (31030 Castello di Godego (TV), Italy), Hall TBA, Stand TBA

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