EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Innovative high-performance reaming system

    The Swiss drilling experts from Urma have developed attractive extensions to their established high-performance Circo-Tec RX reamer. The reaming technology is mainly used in the automotive, mechanical engineering and aircraft industries.

    08 Aug. 2017
    Urma will be exhibiting their Circo-Tex RX series of high-performance reaming tools.

    The high-performance Circo-Tec RX reaming tools from Urma enable bores between 7,600 mm and 140,600 mm. The insert change is said to be extremely easy to perform and free of errors in the same way as it is with standard inserts. Thanks to the modularity, additional presetting or run-out adjustment has become redundant, leading to a maximum reduction of machine downtime. The latest extensions of the reaming system will be presented at EMO Hannover 2017. Slimmer shafts for diameters between 11,900 mm and 35,600 mm, for instance, have been launched with the new Circo-Tec RX Flex for shank executions. These can be applied for rotation and drilling centers and are reportedly vulnerable to run-out errors. The new Circo-Tec RXKG Lightweight offers insert holders for diameters ranging from 60,601 mm to 140,600 mm with a weight reduction of 30 percent. In addition, the Swiss manufacturers are highlighting a radial coolant nozzle that is suitable for counter bores (stepped bores open at the bottom). This nozzle is said to enable a particularly effective chip removal. As the exhibitors add, a standard chip former is now available so that chips can be formed and cleared from the bores in an optimal manner. The company also points to the acknowledged advantages of its globally active support network.

    Contact: Danièle Turkier, URMA AG Werkzeugfabrik
    Tel. +41 62 88920-26
    E-mail: d.turkier@urma.ch
    Website: www.urma.ch

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