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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Inclined-bed CNC lathe for complex parts

    The Aviaturn 50MY has a powerful 37 kW spindle and a large bar capacity thanks to its 128 mm spindle bore.

    07 Jul. 2017
    The universal inclined-bed CNC lathe Aviaturn 50MY.

    According to Avia, their Aviaturn 50MY machine integrates all the functions available for state-of-the-art one-turret universal lathes. These features include powerful turning with a 37 kW spindle, a large bar capacity with a 128 mm spindle bore, C and Y axis control for precision milling and drilling operations, a fast servo turret, VDI or BMT tooling according to customer preference, efficient cutting with strong power tools, and a sub-spindle for workpiece back finishing. According to the manufacturers, the machine ensures stable operation, high accuracy and repeatability thanks to its robust one-piece cast-iron base and special vibration-damping design in the X-axis carriage. This fast machine can be equipped with a Fanuc or a Siemens CNC system for control purposes.

    Contact: Ansgar Steden, Fabryka Obrabiarek Precyzyjnych AVIA S.A.
    Tel. +49 179 6717225
    E-mail: a.steden@avia-cnc.de
    Website: www.avia.com.pl

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