EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Hybrid gripper arm changes spindle heads

    The hybrid gripper arm BPS 50 IB on show from CFT Rizzardi enables the installation of various spindle heads on the same machine by means of an automatic head-changing mechanism.

    19 Sep. 2017
    The BPS 50 IB hybrid gripper arm from CFT Rizzardi

    According to the Italian exhibitors, such devices are usually installed on boring and milling machines with fixed or movable upright design or on gantry machines. Clearly, as the company adds, any tool changing should have the same versatility. However, while this process is easily implementable in the magazine since it is possible to incorporate bushings for two or more types of tool holders, the gripper arm is more problematic because the gripping points in the tool holder have different dimensions. In general, ISO 50 tool holders with milling heads are deployed on such machines for roughing operations, ISO 40 with milling heads or HSK 63 with electric spindles for finishing, and Capto C8 or C10 for turning operations. As the manufacturers report, their patented hybrid gripper arm with symmetrical opening can perform clamping and locking equally on ISO 40, ISO 50 and HSK 100-HSK 80-HSK63 tool holders, without making any prearrangement. Moreover, CT Rizzardi says it is also investigating the possibility of manipulating the Capto C6-C8 and C10 tool holder with the same gripper. As is explained, the gripper mounted on the shuttle changer has two claws that open up in the tool clamping phase while adapting to the size of the tool holder. During extraction of the tool holder, the claws are locked by the insertion of two shutters so that, during the shifting and exchange of the shuttle, the cones of the tool holders are locked irreversibly.

    Contact: Rossana Rizzardi, CFT Rizzardi SRL
    Tel. + 39 011 3972211
    E-mail: marketing@cftautomation.it
    Website: www.cftautomation.it

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