EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Horizontal five-axis center for complex workpieces

    The new a500Z horizontal five-axis machining center from Makino has been specifically tailored for the production requirements of complex workpieces. The machine is designed for pallet automation as well as for direct parts handling. Intelligent automation solutions and customary standard automation systems can therefore be easily connected to it.

    23 Aug. 2017
    Front view of the Makino a500Z (Photo: Makino)

    The a500Z is equipped with a high-torque 303 Nm HSK-A63 spindle. According to the manufacturers, the minimization of level differences at seams in index machining and the ability to move heavy workpieces and enjoy fast acceleration and deceleration in simultaneous five-axis machining serves to reduce cutting and non-cutting time. With axis lengths of 730 mm (X), 750 mm (Y) and 700 mm (Z), workpieces with a maximum size of 630x500 mm and weight of 400 kg can be accommodated. The high-speed automatic pallet changer (APC) and the horizontal loading function are seen as additional efficiency-boosting advantages. To further complement the enhanced productivity, the machine is fitted with the company's Professional 6 (Pro 6) controller. As is explained, features like the advanced motion control Geometric Intelligence (GI) reduce overall cycle time in typical production components like hydraulic valves and electronic boxes. GI Drilling enables the spindle and tool to arc from hole to hole instead of following a square path, which reportedly cuts non-cutting times in comparison to common hole-pattern drilling. Moreover, GI Milling is designed to improve performance in 2D milling. This allows the user to define a corner-rounding tolerance on each milling path. A further feature, Inertia Active Control (IAC), receives feedback from the servo-motors and sets the acceleration and deceleration of the specific pallet at the optimum level.

    Contact: Andreas Walbert, Makino Europe GmbH
    Tel. +49 7021 503-201
    E-mail: a.walbert@makino.eu
    Website: www.makino.eu

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