EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    High-quality solid carbide thread milling tool

    The TMDR supplements the extensive Vardex line from Vargus. The three-in-one tool is designed to dramatically improve cycle time and productivity.

    12 Jul. 2017
    With the TMDR, Vargus is introducing a three-in-one tool that allows drilling, tapping and chamfering in one operation.

    The TMDR from Vargus is the latest addition to the extensive Vardex line of high-quality solid carbide thread milling tools. According to the company, the three-in-one tool greatly improves cycle time and productivity since chamfering, drilling and threading are no longer necessary. The tool is available in the general-purpose VTH grade, coated with TiCN for high wear resistance. The products are reportedly offered for full profile applications with and without coolant and are suitable for all-purpose materials and applications. Specific features include thread lengths of 2xDo and 2.5xDo, ISO metric thread standards from M3x0.5 to M16x2.0 and American (UN) thread standards from No. 4 to 40 up to 3/8x16. The development is fully supported by the Vargus Genius software, claimed to be the most advanced tool selector and CNC program generator in the metal-cutting industry.

    Contact: Annie Reuveni, Vargus Ltd.
    Tel. +972 4 9855179
    E-mail: annier@vargus.com
    Website: www.vargus.com

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