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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    High-precision bearing units for ball screws

    Ready-to-install bearing units are currently in demand, according to IBC. The assembly of related assemblies is simplified and the assembly process accelerated.

    07 Jul. 2017
    High-precision bearing units from IBC.

    IBC manufactures an extensive range of high-precision bearing units. The great variety of applications along with their diverse bearing requirements has led the company to develop a modular system that provides the design engineer with considerable flexibility when designing different versions. These bearing requirements include axial stiffness and load rating, low heat generation through low friction, as well as rotational speeds and running accuracy. As is pointed out, bearing units that are ready for assembly simplify the assembly of modules that belong together and also speed up the assembly process. Moreover, since there is no axial contact surface in the locating bores, the adjacent parts can be of a much simpler design. The units presented are lubricated for life and are sealed with labyrinth seals. They have been designed for ball screws in machine tools, in handling and measuring devices, and in sheet-metal processing, woodworking and special-purpose machines. Apart from offering a standard range of high-precision cartridge or pillow block units, special customized solutions are also produced.

    Contact: Christina Kling-Haag, IBC WÄLZLAGER GmbH
    Tel. +49 6441 9553-55
    E-mail: ibc@ibc-waelzlager.com
    Website: www.ibc-waelzlager.com

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