EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Have you really got it all covered?

    HEMA Maschinen- und Apparateschutz GmbH is at EMO Hannover 2017 to exhibit the innovative X-Velo canopy cover for effective protection against soiling in the production environment.

    05 Sep. 2017

    Most modern machine tools are designed to ensure they won't pollute their immediate surroundings with any contaminants that they emit. However, there is one area in particular that is usually overlooked. There is little or nothing to stop cooling lubricants and oil vapors, chips and dust from escaping upward and thereby contaminating the production environment. To stop that happening, companies can install covers over the top of machinery, but these are usually only available in set unit sizes that rarely provide a perfect fit.

    What’s more, they are normally made of dark, opaque materials. However, there’s now a solution for this problem - translucent canopy cover X-Velo, the ideal cover system for machine tools, which HEMA Maschinen- und Apparateschutz GmbH is exhibiting at EMO Hannover 2017.

    The X-Velo canopy cover is made from a translucent material, which ensures machine areas are protected and well-lit, despite being covered over. Available in widths up to six meters and in variable lengths, the X-Velo canopy cover can easily be fitted to new and existing machinery thanks to the aluminum profile guide strips included with the cover. Special fixings also prevent jamming during operation and therefore enable travel speeds of up to 75 meters per minute.

    That's not all though - customers can also choose between a motor-driven variant and a version without motor.

    Advantage HEMA

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