EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    From Hannover to the world, the world to Hannover!

    As part of the EMO World Tour, the VDW and Deutsche Messe team visited around 40 countries. Always present: the EMO Hannover logo tile, generatively manufactured by Renishaw.

    16 Oct. 2019

    Initially confronted with the question of how the EMO logo could be staged, a competition quickly developed between the teams as to who would supply the better photos. Because the results were quite impressive and exhibitors and journalists were enthusiastic about the EMO Preview, it was decided just a few weeks before the start of the fair: there must be more to come!

    Every exhibitor at EMO Hannover received social media tiles similar to the original tile. All exhibitors were invited to record their exhibition stands, products or other experiences in Hannover with the tile in picture and moving image, to post them on social media and to involve the channels of EMO Hannover. The result is a multitude of wonderful contributions, some of which we would like to show on the following pages.

    It was exciting to see how the various exhibitors approached the task and how wide the range of submissions was - from product staging to funny pictures of the trade fair atmosphere to storytelling. At the same time, the VDW team was on the move with the real tile in the exhibition halls and took numerous pictures of the stands. Here, too, we would like to show you some of the best pictures. Many thanks to all exhibitors who took part in the campaign


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