EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Industry 4.0

    Flexible even in chaotic workpiece sequences

    Anger Machining has combined its 2Plus solution with the newly patented clamping method Smart Fix. The result is a solution that allows the production of different workpieces with batch sizes of 10,000 pieces and even undefined quantities of individual components up to chaotic work piece sequences. According to the company, everything works completely automatically, with zero-second changeover time and without human intervention.

    11 Sep. 2017
    Anger is introducing a new machine concept with zero-second changeover time and without any additional effort for the operator.

    The solution is said to open up new possibilities for different workpieces, not only allowing the flexible production of smaller batches but also the production in chaotic workpiece sequence. As is explained, the intelligent system uses all the information about the process. The workpiece data are sent from the production system, tracked via QR-Code, and tool and clamping data are transmitted by RFID chips. The robot, which takes over the handling, has the same standardized interface as the processing machine, the Smart Fix. It picks up the right clamping device, takes the raw part and hands it over clamped to the machine loading shuttle. As the Austrian exhibitors point out, the fully automated system adapts the corresponding data of the entire process of the next components to the plant control. Depending on the part-type, the right clamping devices, tools, and even the machining spindles in the machine are adapted thanks to automatic micro fine-adjustment.

    Contact: Szu-Yu Roth Liu, ANGER MACHINING GmbH
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    E-mail: marketing@anger-machining.com
    Website: www.anger-machining.com

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