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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Five-axis turn-milling center for flow components

    The HSTM 150 S2 from the range of five-axis high-speed cutting turn-milling centers from Hamuel is billed as ideal for the demanding processing of flow components such as turbine blades in the power and aircraft sectors.

    21 Jun. 2017
    New five-axis HSC turning-milling center for flow components: the HSTM 150 S2 from Hamuel

    The precision center has been designed for a distance between workpiece spindle and counter-spindle (alternatively tailstock) of up to 800 mm, meaning that a total length for workpiece and clamping elements of 800 mm and a corresponding X-axis stroke are available. The milling spindle is designed for fine machining and moderately intricate preceding operations. Moreover, it also possesses the additional reserves necessary to carve out blades from blocks. The manufacturers also point to the advantages for blisk machining in that the pivot range of the B-axis is asymmetric or one-sided up to 100°. Further merits highlighted include the mineral-cast machine base for excellent damping and rigidity, the first-rate acceleration values, the direct access to the workpiece and work area for setting operations, the possible incorporation into automation concepts, and the small footprint.

    Contact: Jochen Schaede, HAMUEL Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
    Tel. +49 9566 9224-0
    E-Mail: jochen.schaede@hamuel.de
    Website: www.hamuel.com

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