EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Finishing cartridges with play-free micro-adjustment

    The Microcut fine-boring tools for IT4-6 fits on show from Hermann Bilz are particularly suitable for machining high-precision bores.

    05 Jul. 2017
    The picture shows a special tool with two adjustable inserts for the forward and backward fine-machining of two precise J6-holes in line.

    According to Hermann Bilz, their Microcut fine-boring cartridges are distinguished by a simple and precise adjustment mechanism with 2 µm per graduation. According to the German manufacturers, the mechanism enables a defined, faultless feed using a standard Torx key directly on the machine. The high precision and unique operation is claimed to reduce downtime, improve quality and enhance productivity. The new finishing cartridges are seen as ideally suited for use in single- or multi-blade special tools from a diameter of 28 mm onwards. No adjustment of the machine spindle is necessary. Smaller tools are available with integrated adjustment for diameters of 14 mm upwards.

    Contact: Thomas Rumpf, Hermann Bilz GmbH & Co. KG
    Tel. +49 711 93025-40
    E-mail: t.rumpf@hermann-bilz.de
    Website: www.hermann-bilz.de

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