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    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Enhanced test bench for production and measurement lab

    Stresstech is now offering the Gear-Scan 500 with a new design and new features. According to the manufacturers, the system is an easy-to-use and cost-effective test bench that is compact and robust enough to be placed directly in the production area or in a measuring laboratory.

    01 Aug. 2017
    The Gear-Scan 500 from Stresstech is now available with a new design and new features.

    The Gear-Scan 500 system reportedly allows a fast detection of grinding re-temper burn, heat treatment and stress-related defects. All surfaces including root area can be measured. As the company explains, the workpiece rotates automatically and two sensors can be connected at the same time and changed with a quick-coupling system without tools. The simple measurement programming with Easy-Gear software makes inspecting the flanks of the helical and spur gears an easy task. Measurement paths that include the hundred-percent measurement of all gear teeth can be programmed, as well as sections or single teeth and left, right or both surfaces of the teeth flanks. The user apparently receives a fast feedback if and where the teeth are damaged. In addition, a software protocol of the measurement data is created for later traceability. The application is described as a compact, robust, easy-to-operate and economical measurement system that is ideally suitable for placement in a production environment or measurement laboratory. In addition to its new design, innovations include the possibility to scan the flank in either the flank or profile direction, the option of scanning the flank in a zigzag line for area measurement, the optional measurement of the outer diameter and face areas, and the extension of the included software for measurement analysis. As is pointed out, operation is also possible without a safety cabinet, secured by a light curtain.

    Contact: Dominik Dapprich, Stresstech GmbH
    Tel. +49 2664 99731-0
    E-mail: info@stresstech.de
    Website: www.stresstech.de

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