EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Energy Efficiency

    Efficient five-axis machining of difficult materials

    The Spark Ti centers from Mandelli have been designed for very high performance in the continuous machining of difficult parts, particularly of titanium alloys used in the aerospace sector.

    01 Aug. 2017
    The heart of the Spark Ti is a continuously controlled high-torque tilting head.

    Describing the merits of their Spark Ti machining centers, Mandelli highlights their high level of structural rigidity, precision, torque and vibration control, and their optimized coolant flow. The five-axis machines have been designed for titanium, steel and HRSA (high-resistant super-alloy) machining to ensure excellent stock removal on complex shapes. A continuously controlled high-torque tilting head, a dual-drive rotary axis generating 12,000 Nm of torque, the automatic backlash recovery system and the vibration dissipation systems on all the axes are said to provide the tool with optimal working capabilities. According to the Italian manufacturers, the centers guarantee maximum efficiency in heavy roughing operations and accurate finishing through their continuous five-axis machining that results in surface finishes practically in the quality of the finished workpiece. Moreover, a working pressure over 100 bar and HSK 100 or 125 tapers provide sufficient lubricant flow to the tool to ensure a significant decrease in operating temperatures and an improved chip removal.

    Contact: Farida Milani, Mandelli Sistemi SpA
    Tel. +39 349 7977441
    E-mail: farida.milani@mandelli.com
    Website: www.mandelli.com

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