EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Precision tools

    EAsy does it!

    At EMO Hannover 2019, MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG is showcasing its newly developed EA System, which is designed to make the process of adjusting external reamers for the fine machining of small outer diameters far easier.

    03 Sep. 2019
    MAPAL EA System

    Grinding is often used for the fine machining of small outer diameters, but external reaming provides a cost-effective and therefore attractive alternative. If an IT6 fit is required on a lathe for series production, for example, external reamers with an adjustable insert and guide pads can be relied upon to get the job done - provided the tool's diameter and the insert's back taper can be set with pinpoint accuracy. MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG has chosen EMO Hannover 2019 to unveil a new system it has developed to make adjusting external reamers with small diameters far simpler.

    In the EA System (EA = EasyAdjust), the back taper of the insert is already integrated into the cassette serving as the insert mounting. This completely eliminates the need to adjust the back taper of the minor cutting edge. Once the above-mentioned cassette has been removed, it is quick and easy to adjust the insert itself using a micrometer or measuring plate. The appropriate setting dimension for the insert is inscribed on the reverse of the tool. This corresponds exactly to the midpoint of the tolerance for the required fit. Thanks to an impressive changeover accuracy of two to three microns and the extremely straightforward adjustment of the insert, the new system now makes it much easier to comply reliably with the required tolerances and extremely precise fits, even in the case of small diameters. The EA System can be used with indexable inserts that have either four or six cutting edges.

    MAPAL at EMO

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