EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Cryogenic cooling with carbon dioxide can make a real difference to the cost-effectiveness of machining. The quattroClean system from acp is suitable for series production and doesn't just cut manufacturing costs - it also significantly reduces soiling of components and machines.

    24 Jan. 2018
    acp - advanced clean production GmbH

    CO2 cooling has become increasingly important as an alternative to conventional cooling lubricant concepts for machining in the last few years. And no wonder, given benefits such as reduced tool wear, the resulting longer service lives, the increased machining rates and the associated productivity increases. The consequent reduction in production costs can play a key role on the fiercely competitive market. The quattroClean snow jet technology from acp - advanced clean production GmbH offers a cooling system that has already proven itself in series production and can also be retrofitted into CNC machines and machining centers.

    Liquid carbon dioxide, which forms the basis for the quattroClean system, is a by-product of chemical processes and energy generation from biomass and can thus be classed as environmentally neutral. The CO2 starts at room temperature and is only transformed from a liquid to a solid state - in the form of fine snow crystals - when it leaves the non-wearing circular two-component nozzle. The CO2 snow is bundled by a circular jacketed jet of compressed air, transferred to the process zone at supersonic speed and has a temperature as low as minus 78 degrees Celsius. The patented jacketed jet technology delivers constant pressure, which prevents the nozzle from icing up and ensures consistently good cooling. At the same time, only the quantity of carbon dioxide actually needed for the desired cooling effect is supplied.

    acp - advanced clean production GmbH (71254 Ditzingen, Germany)
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