EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Big performance in a small package

    EMCO is further expanding its UMILL milling machine series with the compact UMILL 750 five-axis vertical milling machine. Boasting the latest control technology and smart structure solutions, the UMILL 750 offers high-precision five-axis simultaneous machining in only one clamping operation.

    14 Nov. 2018
    EMCO UMILL 750

    EMCO GmbH is one of the leading machine tool manufacturers in Europe, with around 700 employees at six production sites in Austria, Germany, Italy and Russia. The company is committed to the very highest levels of manufacturing quality and functional design with its two guiding principles "Made in the Heart of Europe" and "Design to Cost". Having successfully established the UMILL 1800 and UMILL 1500 vertical milling machines on the market, EMCO is now taking the logical next step of expanding its portfolio with the new UMILL 750.

    The compact design of the high-performance UMILL 750 vertical milling machine for five-axis simultaneous machining makes it ideal for large components in small spaces. A machine structure consisting of a precisely defined combination of cast iron and welded steel ensures maximum stability and thermal symmetry. The long travel distances of 750 millimeters on the X axis, 610 millimeters on the Y axis and 500 millimeters on the Z axis – supported by a direct drive motor on the Z axis and 45-millimeter roller guides on the X and Y axes - make it possible to mill parts with maximum dimensions of 530 x 530 x 417 millimeters in a variety of different batch sizes. Precision measuring systems on all axes also deliver perfect results. What’s more, the front support that is provided as standard for the table allows users to machine workpieces weighing up to 400 kilograms without having to compromise on performance.

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